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Hello world. The Georgia Institute of Technology is now on Google+
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It would be a little silly for a university to have posts set to private. I'd assume there just aren't any others.
Just wishful thinking I guess. I know that sometimes a page may want to post to a select circle (alumni, students, faculty, etc).
Such a shame. You would think Tech has the kind of faculty/staff that would be able to handle a digital transition, but that would make to much sense. I will stick to following MIT and others for their useful content.

As a Tech alumni it frustrates me that Tech does not do more to advertise its students/faculties achievements on the global stage.
You know, if you are posting to FB, it's pretty easy to double-post to G+. There are several Chrome plugins that allow you to post to multiple social networks at once. G+ is growing fastest among professional and academic users, as the privacy and audience targeting features are bar-none. Also, Hangouts has tremendous potential for broadcasting events on campus. Let me know if you need ideas or support from +Georgia Southern University - We've #GoneGoogle !
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