Really Useful Droid Apps (long)

This list started with the B&N Color Nook that I quickly jailbroke and then gave to the Wonder Boy (who in turn passed it along to his GF), and was revived on a recent 'phone upgrade.

I'm curious about what has/hasn't been useful for others, and why.

Essential -- these got copied from apps folder to main screen
- Firefox: strongly prefer it to the native browser. Haven't yet used synch feature.
- Gmail client
- Google Maps
- Spotcycle
- Task Manager: because Spotcycle doesn't have an exit button
- Google+ client
- Twitter client
- Memo: notepad for droid. useful for shopping lists and the like
- WiFi Analyzer
- Open Signal Maps: for cellular drive testing
- Fing network diagnostics tool
- Kindle app
- Google Books

Nice to Have
- Google Sky Map *
- Moon phase widget
- Google Translate
- Screenshot UX: I can't believe this function is not native to the OS
- Shop Savvy: scan a barcode, get comparative pricing. Levels the mercantile playing field.
- DroidIn: vastly better than the completely useless official LinkedIn client
- Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard: Far better than stock; the only reason it isn't essential is that the 'phone has a slide-out physical KB.

* on main screen but I find I don't use it all that often

Occasionally useful -- but kept in apps folder
- Metal Detector: just because the full Android spec calls for it
- Spirit Level Plus
- B&N Nook app
- Shazam
- Sound meter
- Magnifying glass
- Scanner radio: why can't the train get into/out of Washington Terminal?
- Air Droid: remote control from PC over 802.11 connection (local subnet only)
- HDR camera app

Accessibility -- platform research for hands- and eyes- free embedded computing
- Walkytalky
- Google Goggles
- Kickback: haptic feedback
- Talkback
- Iris: more of a solution looking for a problem than anything else, but interesting
- SVOX TTS voices library

- All the VZ-bundled crapware that came with the 'phone, will end up driving me to jailbreak it
- Night vision camera: tried a few of these apps but mostly they don't work.
- Games: who has time for that stuff?

Haven't needed or messed with
- Tethering apps: work laptop already has cellular data, but could be handy for a small wireless-only tablet
- Music downloads etc.
- Cisco Webex client (installed but haven't yet needed)

Still looking for
- Juniper VPN client
- BES proxy for blackberry messaging
- Decent RDP client (logmein Ignition is the best out there, just haven't needed it yet)
- Decent weather radar equivalent of hit their site from an Android device and they point you to their Apple app. Fail.
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