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Really Useful Droid Apps (long)

This list started with the B&N Color Nook that I quickly jailbroke and then gave to the Wonder Boy (who in turn passed it along to his GF), and was revived on a recent 'phone upgrade.

I'm curious about what has/hasn't been useful for others, and why.

Essential -- these got copied from apps folder to main screen
- Firefox: strongly prefer it to the native browser. Haven't yet used synch feature.
- Gmail client
- Google Maps
- Spotcycle
- Task Manager: because Spotcycle doesn't have an exit button
- Google+ client
- Twitter client
- Memo: notepad for droid. useful for shopping lists and the like
- WiFi Analyzer
- Open Signal Maps: for cellular drive testing
- Fing network diagnostics tool
- Kindle app
- Google Books

Nice to Have
- Google Sky Map *
- Moon phase widget
- Google Translate
- Screenshot UX: I can't believe this function is not native to the OS
- Shop Savvy: scan a barcode, get comparative pricing. Levels the mercantile playing field.
- DroidIn: vastly better than the completely useless official LinkedIn client
- Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard: Far better than stock; the only reason it isn't essential is that the 'phone has a slide-out physical KB.

* on main screen but I find I don't use it all that often

Occasionally useful -- but kept in apps folder
- Metal Detector: just because the full Android spec calls for it
- Spirit Level Plus
- B&N Nook app
- Shazam
- Sound meter
- Magnifying glass
- Scanner radio: why can't the train get into/out of Washington Terminal?
- Air Droid: remote control from PC over 802.11 connection (local subnet only)
- HDR camera app

Accessibility -- platform research for hands- and eyes- free embedded computing
- Walkytalky
- Google Goggles
- Kickback: haptic feedback
- Talkback
- Iris: more of a solution looking for a problem than anything else, but interesting
- SVOX TTS voices library

- All the VZ-bundled crapware that came with the 'phone, will end up driving me to jailbreak it
- Night vision camera: tried a few of these apps but mostly they don't work.
- Games: who has time for that stuff?

Haven't needed or messed with
- Tethering apps: work laptop already has cellular data, but could be handy for a small wireless-only tablet
- Music downloads etc.
- Cisco Webex client (installed but haven't yet needed)

Still looking for
- Juniper VPN client
- BES proxy for blackberry messaging
- Decent RDP client (logmein Ignition is the best out there, just haven't needed it yet)
- Decent weather radar equivalent of hit their site from an Android device and they point you to their Apple app. Fail.
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oh goody. I've been looking for a list like this some a reliable source.
Uh, no ... but I do keep a small LED/laser light in the laptop bag for crawling around in and under fire apparatus, medic units and police cars, and as a pointer in meetings.
** edit: added the following:
+ Open Signal Maps
+ Air Droid
+ Cisco Webex client
+ HDR camera app
I didn't know there was a webex app.
We're looking to deploy 24 droid x2's here next week. Not a huge number, by comparison, but big on my turf. I'm still a bit nervous about what they can and can't do. we have found some pretty nifty lock down apps, but they tend to freeze the phones. I don't know. I just don't want to add more to my overflowing work-plate. I may just turn them loose and say, "I trust you."
I got my N2A card a few days ago and am still playing/fumbling. I will go look for Firefox stat and make note of some of these. I am still not sure of what to keep from the programs that were loaded with the card. Being able to switch back to Nook function is sweet.
We need to teach "how to" for our droids. I need something like SOTI that I can tether to PC and user will see the Droid desktop. So we can walk them through what they'll need to know. I've tried something called Android SDK Tools, but it is now functioning for me. Any other ideas?
Oh, and I didn't see any security - A/V apps listed. Not worth it?
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