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Update 2.1.2 incoming!


- VLC now shows a dialog to ask for external storage scan
- Voice search for TV
- Voice actions for Auto
- Stream url loader is now a dialog, and available on TV
- Allow to choose subs file on network
- File browsing is now processed in background
- If collection is empty, show a button to start 'directories' setting page
- Fix player sliding under action bar in playlist & info views
- Fix equalizer display
- Fix video player stuck after device being locked
- Fix audio and subs tracks forgotten while multitasking
- Fix subs delay erased if set up on playback pause
- Tackles some crashes

* DTSHD and TRUEHD HDMI passthrough
* Don't play via passthrough an encoding format that is not supported

Known issues:
- Some cover arts are not properly parsed
- Some Chinese/arabic/hebrew subs are not well displayed
- Medialibrary crashes at some point, we don't figure out why yet.

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Second part, DiffUtil calculations in background and code factorization.

(If you missed the first post, here's the intro to DiffUtil: )

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Easily enhance RecyclerViews with DiffUtil:

Version 2.1.1 pushed on Play Store, you should receive it soon.

- Improve audio categories and images loading performance
- Restore runtime permission for brightness change
- Fix media discovery crash on some sdcards
- Fix resume position for video launched from 3rd party apps
- More discrete scan notification
- Add network media to history
- Tackles various crash, including one when you have more than 500 albums

Known issues:
- Equalizer display is truncated
- Playlist files (line .m3u) are not supported yet
- Some embedded cover arts are not found.


The first hotfix release arrives tomorrow.
We catched:
- brightness gesture crash
- TV browser not showing proper icon for videos
- resume point for videos launched from 3rd party apps
- Directory view showing over the other ones
- Some minor crashs

We improved audio categories lists and images loading performances.

We just have to properly fix the medialibray crash on some µSD cards to push the release. 

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I'm delighted to announce a new VLC for Android beta

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Good news everyone!

We tackled the two main bugs we had blocking the beta.
We'll start a new beta session really soon and beware, there are a lot of change, expect some new bugs :s

In the meantime, here are some tips for VLC to help you wait these new bugs:

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Hotfix is being pushed for VLC 2.0.2.

It fixes video launch from 3rd party apps.

Sorry for inconvenience.

2.0.0 pushed!

Changelog from 1.9.13:

- UPnP browsing is fixed
- Better media name display on UPnP
- TV: fixed video launch from details view.

If no problem serious problem appears, this version will be promoted as stable 2.0.0 for everyone on the store.
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