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Android Mini PC - A USB sized computer that you can attach to your TV / LCD Monitors
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Looks great ... has it arrived in India ? :-)
when its going to be launched in India...
Think I saw something like this a while back on Kickstarter ;-)
I wouldn't want to trust it,as yet,what would happen if a fraudster got hold of it?
I was only just checking this out today also. How cool is it!
Wow! It does a bit more than the +Nexus Q and a heck of a lot better value for money!
+Stephen Hind  Yep :) I saw read that they have launched a new version of this MK802 model with improved WiFi and some other minor modifications, was checking ebay and saw the lowest price of just $45 for the 512 MB model for that it looks a good bargain, but will test it for a few more days before I post my full review.
I see raspberry PI written all over it. :P
I have one its nice, but I do not think that they have Android updates for it, currently it uses ICS 4.3
does it have google play? have you tried streaming content from a PC using something like gmote? 
How is it works? They sad not so good for 1080
I'd be wary about anything labeled "Andriod." [1:45 - the instruction manual cover]

But maybe i'm just paranoid.
Looks good for the price, is it based on raspberry pi?
These have been on eBay for a while now, mk 802 models are everywhere. Some non official XBMC builds were rumoured a while back, only thing stopping them was Android kernel wants to convert all audio over HDMI to 2.0. Once this has been circumvented they will be amazing media center devices as they generally out-clock Raspberry Pi by 30+% (Pi is 0.7ghz, these start at 1ghz, have seen 1.5ghz advertised) and have at least twice the ram (some over 4 times Pi's 256MB depending on model) for about twice price of Pi.
Nice review, i would buy something like this for streaming content from my freeview hd recorder to my bedroom via skifta... nice price too, i assume its available in the uk?
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does it provides any storage? it User interface based on linux? can we install application  programs ?
Ill stick to my i7. Neat that it was small but it was slow and buggy
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as owner of the first version i can tell it's piece of crap.
the WIFI doesn't work well. the screen blinks and it kind of slow.
i really hope that the new version is better.
Unboxing Videos are something what I hate most on youtube.
Since everyone thinks showing how to open a package is funny, it is hard to find disasambling videos if you need to open the real thing which was shipped in the box.
I have one, and with the latest firmware update from the Rikomagic site, some tweaking and a lot of support from the fine fellows over at it's quite a nice little machine. Of course, with the MK802 II out, I probably wouldn't recommend buying the old model. 
Is it avaliabe in india if yes den for how mich
ya it's kool but it's true..... ???????
Check the frame rate of your video output. It is likely to be only 30 fps and that is not fast enough for sports or action scenes.
The idea is very nice but a lot of times type of devices are very slow and the applications crush a lot.
Claudius M Fundi
Slow wifi is ok!  Not to get too technical for the folks here but to speed up the wifi, this device needs to capture waves that are rectangular with rounded edges but Apple already patented that!
i dont mind paying a bit extra if the processor's speed is increased..
"Mom, the dog ate the PC again!" :)
ranjit can u sms me ur cell no. my no are 09839148488 09793280001
amazinggggggggg broooooooo...............
This is a cool device and it truly shows the flexibility of Android. The slow web browsing should be expected when only using a Cortex A8 CPU.

If you would be interested in adding some more money to the soup there are other alternatives. There are many Android ARM development boards that have a lot of nice specs and onboard features. The most hardware feature complete unit is the one from +ST-Ericsson called #Snowball. Support and software is developed in the +igloocommunity and +Linaro.
Simpler. Just attach your Android smartphone with a HDMI cable to your TV and save your money on this.
 Very interesting +Ranjit Kumar  first time I have seen this, seriously considering getting one, there's a deal on E bay where you can buy  the mini PC and a remote together have you had chance to look at the remotes that can be bought with this? My only concern is the WIFI strength, I know with my daughters Nintendo WII the WIFI is rubbish making streaming video content upstairs impossible is this units WIFI comparible to say my galaxy nexus that can stream vidoe content anywhere in  the house?
i want you friendship
This device is amazing. i cant wait to have it in Nigeria. How much would it cost in my currency?
lets see those apple geeks gonna do now, this is a great piece of technology which will take pc's to a whole new level.
thumbs up google.
Cool you can buy one on Amazon for like $70 bucks
looks promising
hope HTC/ASUS/MOTO/SAMMY bring out one

also hope apple doesn't have any patent on this type of device
i not like mobile ,android mini pc,tv.....

Seriously, this'll make IT work much more bulk laptop to lug around for diagnostics
If it could only wash dishes and do the laundry too!
a really nice piece of work!!!
You can do that with your Android phone already. Play games stream etc. Full mirror everything.
Woh.. Really......i want this.. How much.....
+Jane Gooding the same could be said about a "fraudster" getting a hold of your smartphone.
this is really amazing but cant get 1 for myself. gift of this to me are welcomed.
Wooow Ranjit its really good !! can you put web url where i can see its details please !!!
mani S
its good but not upto the mark. 
I have a 1GB MK802 Mk1. It's fine for most things but occasionally stutters during intense video streaming. The Rev2 firmware may help.
With mine it is imperative to use the external PSU.
Yeah just image if this kind of a device was made by a premium tiered company like Asus, Samsung etc and they work a little on it and of-course improve the quality and the little issues that it has and if they can bring it to the market at around $100 or so it would be a revolution.  

I seriously hope some big company takes it up it would be a very affordable computing solution for millions.
interesting, One can fit it in a mouse install hacking tools on it and send it to target as a gift. all Security bypassed.  OWNAGE :)
I wanna have this ....... this is awesome
Fru N.
The future of pc...
Seems rather pointless. You'd probably be better off with the cheap Chinese tablets with resistive touch. And off course its nothing like Raspberry PI, which is an educational platform; sadly something Android is not set up for.
Migs B
Wants this
they should do so immediately patent it before apple
Just one more think for me to misplace
This is sweet i think i will check this out... 32 gb micro sd cards are running less than 20 dollars now a days, so this will be sweet for movies. The lack of dedicated sound output is a bummer though. I'll bee getting one non the less.
Simply an Excellent one.Thanks You for demonstrating...
I've had mine for a couple months already. The novelty wore off after the first week. Sits unused now.
Very nice technology. I was really amazed. But it also made me wonder where can it be useful the most. In my case, I bring my smart phone when I travel, and I wont be needing extra peripherals to use it(monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). I already own a laptop that I can use at home(built-in keyboard, monitor, and pointing device). If in case I'll buy one, it is just out of curiosity with no intention of really using it.
Only similar to a +Raspberry Pi in price, not really in any other way. Probably would make a better, easier to set up , media steamer than the pi, but it's really just for content consumption whereas the pi is for development and learning to program on
if you put this on a laptop, does it pretty much become a chromebook?
Yeah its sorta like booting ubuntu from a memory stick only on a t.v. And cooler
+Ranjit Kumar awesome post mate ... I so have to get one of these, again Awesome post. Thanks :D !!!
I think apple has a patent for this too. It called the apple Imicrominipc.
Is that the first iteration of that device? Is there only one manufacturer? I will follow the progress of these devices and probably get one soon.
Where can l get one? Great idea to make a tv smart or get rid of crap efforts by manufacturer efforts, like my Samsung smart tv that is so slow. I want 2
Wow never even heard of this till now, thanks for the post
I'm sure #Apple is already preparing a lawsuit along the lines of they were the first company who thought computers should be small.
I wonder How would this work with a smart TV?
I'm sure it's an ARM processor. ARM processors are spouting up in a lot of DIY and development projects. Nice post!
plz tell me, does dongles work for internet in this pc or we have 2 use wifi?
chris Panczyk. Sooo funny n true... I love apple for their inovative ideas but i dont like that they think their ideas were born  without mixing other ideas around. Big ups to Android..
It's an interesting early start, but still a long way to go before it gets really usable.
my co-worker has one of those
Hope Apple dont sue for the use of the letter.
If you have an Android phone, why get this?
Android should patent that before Apple sue to claim its theirs.
This is nice. Specs are quite shit but with better chip and GPU, this could be really awesome.
Arun N
It s just 65$ available in I ve seen it in some Indian websites too. The second revision of the device has arrived with dual core processor and mali 400 graphics, 1gb RAM. So it will perform like galaxy s ii. It has 8 gb internal memory too.
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I have no idea why anyone would buy this when you could buy a raspberry pi and load normal linux on it (arch would be my choice)
Very cool, I could definitely see myself buying one in the near future. 
this just in the machines are going to take over the world, and end all human life....
That's pretty nice though I'm stunned that devices are still shipping with 4.0.X when 4.1 has been out for nearly 3 months now and is a pretty massive improvement in performance.  I honestly think people need to start putting their feet down about this issue.  Once a new OS version is out we shouldn't be accepting devices shipped with old OS versions on them.  It's hard enough getting upgrades to existing devices without manufacturers compounding the problem by shipping devices with OS that's already outdated before you even get it.
nice. deffinitely I will buy itself in future.
Imti B
Nice idea, needs some work on it to support full android functionality. 
Very useful for me as I am  travalling off and  on,I will buy later
well its not a USB , it is a flash disk drive , a USB is a port where you put your flASH DISK DRIVE , but well , the gadget was great :)
the implant is coming soon! Technology is amazing, but it is sooo nice to unplug. Humanity is much more interesting than circuits and 1's and 0's 
Brilliant i love it!! Big question though: are you able to remove or disable the chinese certificate authorities from the security settings?
I was waiting foe da day when pcs will have android operating system bt this is even cooler availabl in market.....price?
I think it slow because it has a low memory or processing power. It good for surfing the web but not for downloading stuffs since it has no big storage device. Not bad
Totally awesome piece of creation..
innovative tech...hats of to android..:)
Dis is just awesome , UBS computer attached to TV/ LCD wow .😊
Super cool. Thanks for the update Ranjit.
I NEED MORE INFO ON THIS does it work do you use it ?
Intresting information. Great and keep us updated Mr.Ranjit.
What ours the functionality of it? Anyone out there can describe?
i need to know how it works... is it available in the market?
I always thought it was funny that my indian coworkers pronounce the letter "H" as "hetch". Thinking about it now, though, it actually makes more sense than pronouncing it..."aych".
I need this one how to by where is the market and how meny price..?I am riyadh (saudui arabia)
Never seen this before....awesome n really want it...!!COOL!!
Very cool. Dude your television is huge!!
Pretty cool but
think I will wait for the second generation to come out.
I watched Tron: Legacy in 1080p on mine and it played better than on my pc that has much better specs. This little thing isn't bad at all!
new idea I use attach my pc to the tv in the 80s. I shore apple will claim it was theirs.
is this for real???
I wish 60 bucks he said about 4,200 something, I don't think he said dollars. But I still want one anyway.
Google android mini pc to find out where to buy and prices
If it had at least a dual core and bluetooth I would be buying two.
I just wish they'd built it into a big box, so I can stack my 70s music cassette tapes, a DVD box set by German Neu band - Can, someone lent me, and my spare reading glasses, on top of it.
Raspberry pi is what I want to play with ;)
should buy at least 4 for all applicible devices
...hey guys , this is easy to buy online in china...about 278 yuan. but i think it's made of E-waste components in shenzhen ...with very low quality
Are you sure that's not an iPhone? looks just like one from a thousand feet away and you squint a little
very complicated thing everyone should buy this wonderful
What freedom it would be to lose the laptop...
Just bought one at Amazon, only 4 left now, better hurry!
I enjoyed the video and would love to try one of these myself
amazing! Better hurry before apple sues!
Or I just use my Sony ion Xperia 4G LTE android phone via micro hdmi or Dlna to my HDTV. It's my portable android computer to use on tv at work, home & travel. I play all my hd games right on my t.v., I do websurfing, Skype, netflix, crackle, online radio, YouTube, word/excel/PowerPoint documents, picture slideshow, videos blogging and most importantly google+ on any HDTV.
not ready for primetime yet, tried it for a week and returned it
Eh it's okay. Rather just get a computer or laptop
I got one of these too.  Mines black but otherwise identical.  Basically does everything a Roku box does and most of what an android phone does for 70 bucks.
I'm very excited. Certainly a step in the right direction of evolution of media-PC's / mini-PC's.. Couple of queries.. 1) How do you know it does not have malware or is running a bot-net client? 2) How do they keep the CPU and GPU cool? 3) Is the OS upgradeable to future versions of Android?
U can play any game like hallo or uberstrike?
   Wow. Turns your TV in to an +Apple TV only cheaper....
ye should have a look on google to the raspberry pi
Clever, but looks painfully slow for browsing etc.
it's a start !  future products will be interesting 
You guys should look at Ubuntu...they are working on a version that will run on android. In other'll have a full fledged PC right on your mobile.

Check link for more info:

Long live open-source!!
It is completely different than a PI.
This looks excellent.  Who can I buy this through?
How have i missed this, this is so cool!
Looks like a half-baked product. It functions in the satisfactory range of moderate to poor. I would recommend a boxee form dlink or an apple tv before this product.
Is it available in the US yet or will we be denied just like with all the other best gadgets?
Amazon (UK) says only 30 - 50 pounds !! Bargain
Great gadget. PC in your pocket almost. Will the gadget be updated when new versions of Android are rolled out.
Pl provide more information n contact number. Very nice
Amazing how small things are getting. looks good and I like the fact that you can use with TV....I don't know about buying..have to see how well it is up from a smart phone.
Oval elephant and one other supplier have a dual core PC's with graphics cards for around 90$.
Leo T
Who cares....
+Glenn Robinson is right on. I discovered a similar device on newegg today... with only 800mhz arm8 and 512mb ram for same price about $66. I am ordering one of these and one from newegg tomorrow. Performance should be much better than Pi. (Not knocking Pi) I am considering these Android micro computers with 2X client as replacement for $100-$300 thin clients we currently deploy. These Android micro comps are basically low - mid range smartphones w/o screen and cellular radio. Also, the one on newegg is a custom android 2.3 customized for kbd/mouse input.
+Paul Istoan know the application you want the machine for - you wouldn't want to pull a loaded 30ft trailer uphill in a 4cyl S10 pickup. :-)
I would like to see a device with Android built around it. Looks like its close but not there yet.
This thing needs a dual core at least and 16 gigs out of the box... I can see the potential of a small device like this though...

Give it a few models to get bugs worked out
Realistically; if I'm already using the Nexus 7 attached to a television, is this really worth it?
I wonder if apple has a patent on this design yet?
Thank you for sharing. Could you tell me where or how I could get one with a higher storage I saw your box go up to 32GB.
I haven't read all the comments yet but is this coming to the US?
Another cool gadget! Yay!!
+Ryan Roberson It has a slot for Micro-SD card and you can add a micro-sd card upto 32 GB to expand the storage.

You can also in-fact just plug in a USB thumb-drive or a portable HDD to access those files via this mini android PC.
Thanks Mr.Ranjith for the info.Can u answer for the questions of Mr.Kumar Suresh and Lorenzo.cos i want to buy this
I don't need it.  There are better ways to spend my resources.  Everything is made in China or some part of Assia these days.  That is a draining hole for the U.S. economy and more trash for the environment
It is waste of time. Many brands of TV come with USB port. U can just connect pendrive and watch movie. If u have Samsung SmartTV you can use AllShare and run movie etc, via andhroid mobile and also gallaxy tab and also Windows based PC/Laptop/Notbook/
Awesome ! A blessing indeed. Wondering if it works with a USB camera to do skype & does it engage a USB hub ? Regards, Shyam
+Shyam Kuddyady I tried it via a USB camera no luck with skype it was not detected, Skype worked fine but as the camera was not detected could not make video calls.  

USB Hub I tried a un-powered one and that did not work, need to check if powered usb hub work.
please tell me from where to buy it??
Very cool!  Thanks for the unboxing video!
ranjeet from were i can get it n wat is cost of device
dear great & thank but how much price and any purchase location where
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