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Best Auto trader out there and affordable with great educational content to put trading at ease for those who are unsure about where to start +Traders Edge​ is the place for you, you and YOU!

Yellow tape...

Sooner or later it will start to feel like business instead of family

Is this how it feels...ear deafening....tastesbud numb, mouth dry, head compressing and decompressing, cold chills and sweats, eyes strained..... damn cousin ....Goodbye

Can we please pour out some liquor....

Always and for 

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Hey...Forex Family and new comers to the market of FREEDOM... if your needing info will Traders that will give you an Edge.... Take it from me these guy are the best that I know of since being with the foreign exchange trade. Skys the limit

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Sometime....the cloud only changes color and never moves.....always a foreshadow of doom in any light...
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