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Awesome everyday!
Awesome everyday!

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Nice talk about Rust. Better than the "Intro" talk.

Eventually figured out why my Linux desktop has problems accessing Google websites while other seems to be fine: it tries to use IPv6 when available, and obviously AT&T's IPv6 support is somewhat broken. After disabling IPv6 completely, it works smoothly so it's not a problem of my network connection.

1. Google Maps: 多路径选择,距离和时间估算比较靠谱,路况不准确(由于众所周知的原因,无法获取足够的交通数据)。
2. Bing Maps: 只给出一条路,很难说是否最优路径,地图绘制粗糙,连个路名都不显示,周围有哪些道路都看不见,导航路径和地图上的道路不重合。
3. Apple Maps (Mac): 无法获取路径,即使我把起止位置直接标在高速公路上(Directions are not available. A route to the nearest road cannot be determined.)
4. Baidu Maps: 3个备选方案,看起来还算能用,但同时他们在车上用这个导航,感觉怎么绕、怎么堵叫你怎么开。。不容易找到路况显示。
5. QQ Maps: 单个方案,但是可以选择偏好。路况显示很突出,街景也不错。地图绘制效果感觉比baidu稍差一些

另外国内的Baidu maps和QQ maps都不支持机场代码搜索(PVG),且无法通过URL取回之前的位置或导航信息。

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This is really, surprising..
All that work and then...surprise! It's Friday! #tGIF  
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