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Flip Heroes

Jump high and rotate in the air to get points. Set a record and see how successful other players are!

#Action #Medals #Puzzle #Skill #FlipHeroes #Gamezhero
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Are you ready to travel back to your past and refresh your memories? In order to do that you need to play the game and see where it all started.

Midnight Hunter #Arcade
Kill demons and their minions with the help of holy power and sacred weapons. Get your gun and kill demons on your way.

Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson #Thief
You have a backpack with multiple items inside, but their destination is unknown. Collect other items and match them with each other.

Are you ready to have some fun collecting precious stones and metals? Considering, that they are located in space you will find it difficult.

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Bubble Poppers

Have you ever wanted to have a simple game, where everything you had to do is collecting bubbles? This requires no skills just your attention, so have fun!

#Action #Puzzle #Gamezhero
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New Yankee in King Arthur's Court #RPG
Travel back in time and make your place prosperous. Get materials for your future facilities and expand to resist your enemies.

Grim Affairs #HiddenObject
Are you ready to investigate a mysterious kidnapping? One little girl was taken long time ago, but now the police has tracked her.

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus #Action
This game will show you how tough life was during the old age. Make sure you do everything in time to protect the village.

Egg #Riot
Eggs are attacking! There are many types of them and you need to stop all. Just break them and use special abilities that are highlighted.

Twisted City #Puzzle
Are you ready to have a ride? You need to move from one point to another, but the shortest way is your demand. Can you drive that way?

2006 FIFA World Cup #Football #Soccer
Have you ever wanted to see your team holding the world football cup? This game is pretty much the thing you need to play!

Leisure Suit Larry 5: #Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work
Poor Larry got into a trouble again, but now he doesn't even realize what is happening. Well, that's what might happen when you lose your memory.

#Barbie Lifestyle Photographer
Help Barbie to take some pictures and share them with her friends and subscribers. You know what pictures are popular now, so go ahead!

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Northern Tale #RPG
The Northern people are tough and some of them have hostile intentions. you need to protect your lands from both humans and weird creatures.

Black Heart Village #hiddenobject
There is a terrible curse on Keisha and others, that were friends to her one day. She must find them and dispel the curse, that were cast on them.

Farm Frenzy 3 #Strategy
Are you ready to run a farm for the third time? This is going to be fun with new types of creatures, achievements and challenges.

#Zombie BrainSlash
Point the area with your cursor to kill the zombie that will appear there. You must avoid killing humans and get combos!

Minute of Rage #Hell
You think hell is your last destination point? You are wrong! There is an arena, that give you your very last chance to escape hell!

#Avatar: The Legend of Aang
Today Aang will travel to the northern land, where he will face different creatures and cold climate. Help this brave kid to face all difficulties.

#SimFarm: #SimCity's Country Cousin
This Sims game will bring you to a completely different world, where you can have lots of animals and plants on the farm. Can you make profit out of it?

#Anna and #Elsa Girls Night Out
This Sims game will bring you to a completely different world, where you can have lots of animals and plants on the farm. Can you make profit out of it?

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Emily's True Love #RPG
Emily is willing to make her restaurant perfect, so it means satisfying the needs of every customer. Well, you have to spends lots of effort if you want to achieve that.

Secret #Love
Have you ever wanted to visit a place, where you haven't been for ages. For Beatrice it's her home town, where she spend her youth in.

#Vacation Mogul
Expand your territory on the beach and satisfy the needs of your customers. Build new entertaining zones and serve clients.

Rapid Rabbit Rush #Runner Let's see how far you can get in collecting some carrots. Control this fast rabbit, collect carrots and avoid all obstacles ahead.

Valentine's #Mahjong
This is a new version of the Mahjong game, but now you need to find love symbols here. Get a pair and complete the level.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle #Assault
There is a huge variety of robots, that a player is able to choose. Choose one you like and try to win the tournament.

3D #Bomberman
Each level is twice more complicated here, than the previous one. Just take control of your character and blow up some wall and obstacles.

Ariel and Eric High School Love #StValentinesDay
School is a place for kids and teenagers, but there you can see an adult feeling called love. Watch a lovely couple and their actions.

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