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A King falls to Darkness. Explore the locations from "The Ghost of Harrenhal" on the Game of Thrones Viewer's Guide. EXPLORE:
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I'm not sure I'm a fan of the whole supernatural twist the show is taking. Wolves and dragons are one thing but introducing the demon element might cheapen it for me.
Don't forget that A Song of Ice and Fire is a fantasy an Medieval Fantasy.. With a lot of real things but still there are some forces, knowledge that had been forgotten and few remain who possess those forces and knowledge.. and that makes the world of Game of Thrones even more magical and wonderful.
As already said, ASOIAF is a low-fantasy medieval story. Magic is not the main plot of the whole narration, but is highly implied since the first episode (S01-E01) that something in Westeros isn't going just that well :-P (poor Wyman Royce could agree with me). With dragon's reborn, magic is awakening again...
The whole demon born to kill the Baratheon usurper did seem too convenient. I mean, a far too easy plot device to easily dispose of a main character. That witch creeps me out, and Stannis is a fool to trust her.
The series should have done a better job scaling the supernatural in season one, so that things like the shadow demon (and obviously "more to come") wouldn't seem so sudden and out of place... But then again, had they spend all money on special effects, they couldn't pay for such amazing actors for the roles of Tyrion, Littlefinger, Cersei, Ned, and so on and on.

I would have choosen the same as the series creators. :)
Yeah, I can see the budgetary issues. But, after the awards they won for first season, and the increases revenue from subscriptions, HBO should pump more into this show. They are balancing way too many plot arcs too. No Joffrey last episode, no Dany the episode before last. It's so cluttered right now!
Just wait until next season. If it follows the books (which is has been pretty well so far), then there will be a lot more supernatural stuff coming up!
The show only has room for one Baratheon, and Stannis one the coin flip. j/k
Renly always died there. If you read the books, then you have known that.
Yea i understand I wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything but as a suggestion you really should read the books they're so much better than the show!
Unfortunately, +Nick Masucci , we do not necessarily have the time to read as many books as we would like to. I work 45-50+ hours per week. My free time is spent gaming or with my wife. My wife did get me the first two of the Game books, just have to make time when I reasonably can. And, with me picking up Diablo III at midnight, none too soon then.
christ, people can bitch about anything... guy gives advice "hey, read this book!" and all of a sudden he's a inconsiderate monster...

seriously, people, chill.
The primary issue with written text versus speech is a lack of inflection. The tone I was trying to convey was a matter of fact one. I am not bitching, just relaying facts. I did not mean to upset or attack anybody.
did his torch run out of batteries again?
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