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EA Wins "Worst Company In America" Award
The website Consumerist recently held a tournament-style campaign where fans could vote for what they think is the worst company in America. Publisher Electronic Arts won.
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really +Geoffroy BACCARINI i mean EA seemed liked a decent company to me when did they fail?.......And who the hell was the best then!
1 question why EA dont they make sports games?
+Anthony Bethea When they started to sell part of games in DLC , when they started to fire so much people from the studios they just bought to let them close few times later.
But i agree , Activision is maybe worst.
I think that not releasing BF3 on Steam, making people deal with Origin, expensive "expansion packs" and horrible patches contributed to this. Plus, releasing the SAME sports games every year with a $60 price tag, exploiting the ignorance of "brahs", and essentially screwing over small companies (Like DICE. Not a fanboy, just an upset fan), give me a bit of a moral dilemma when it comes down to making an EA purchase. Granted, my childhood wouldn't have been the same without NFL Blitz 2000 and Madden '99 or the Battlefield/Battlefront series'. There will always be a small (really small) place in my heart for EA as a company, but they (along with Activision) are corrupting a once colorful game market. Now everything is so copy and paste, when something new comes out it straight up blows people away. I remember a time where unique games were released constantly (SPACE STATION SILICON VALLEY MOTHA FUCKAS!) , and people would go ballistic if they saw the same concepts used for multiple games (anyone remember how poor the reception started to become for WWII shooters?). Modern warfare shooters have taken over the game industry, and EA is contributing by molesting titles such as MoH. I want something new. I want 2142 or Halo or even a Mech game. EA needs to get their heads out of their asses, grab the gaming industry by the balls, disappear Activision and release something that will blow people away, like the used to.
The problem with EA and Activision is that they are Corporate first and game companies second. If either of them decide that another industry will make them more money, they will go that direction and I would bet my life on it.

Staff who actually work at EA are not valued very much and there's little encouragement to be loyal because more than half the staff are laid off every year so they can make quarterly budget expectations.
Most employees are also treated more like factory line workers and often they are just managing outsourced work... not even making interesting things themselves to keep their minds engaged.

On the repeating sports game note. They sell and they sell a lot so of course they will keep making them.. remember, its money first that matters, not enriching peoples lives. Fifa for eg brings in a solid $500million every year without fail so they are not going to stop.

Anyways. There is a lot to be said about why EA is one of the worse companies, but to sum it up. EA like many of the worst doesnt have a positive and motivating purpose that could engage everyone who works there. Their purpose only engages and interested the execs.
+Mark Nazzaro and they are also the same company that killed Guitar Hero. Also they are the same company that publishes Call of Duty EACH year which is the the one game that is ruining gaming today, releasing it every year without putting any real effort in each sequel.
really i just can't believe that cause i love Sims games so freakin' much
Guess that's what happens when you let BioWare try to wrap up a loved trilogy. :p
EA is not a "game company". They are a publisher. They wait until someone else comes up with a profitable franchise (i.e. Guitar Hero), then they buy it up, milk it dry, toss it aside, and move on. +Chad Fox is exactly right, if they found any other avenues of publishing that were as profitable, they would jump on it faster than you could say "Call of Duty". They dont care about games, or gamers, or developers. They care about their bottom line, period.
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