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Along with confirming the revised Wii U controller, Nintendo also revealed a new Wii U Pro controller that includes analog sticks, and trigger and face buttons.
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Will this be wired, have rumble and it own battery pack? #IwataSay
Thank you Nintendo. I honestly stopped playing games on your system because of your controller. You have won some fans back with this move I'm sure.
Step in the right direction; finally tailoring to the hardcore gamer! I welcome this as I will likely purchase the wii u for my kids and wife but now possibly for myself. :)
Wow so I have to buy this bc I assume the tablet controller won't be ideal for all games
+L carter The Wii U GamePad (tablet controller) has every button/feature (and then some) that this Wii U Pro Controller has. It also has the same button layout. Any game that supports this controller will also support the GamePad. The opposite is not true however. 

You won't be using 4 GamePads (tablets) on one Wii U, which would likely be expensive even if you could. If you are playing a shooter with 3 friends (locally) not everyone will get to use the GamePad. The others will have to use the other control options available. Some might prefer the Pro Controller to using Wii Remotes or the Classic Controller. This is for those people. 
the controller will be better for gamer
Joysticks should be on bottom
i don't see a use for it the tablet controller will be good enough for me to pwn noobs on lol
the tablet is so u can have a clean game so if u play a sports or any game the menu with everything will be on the tablet screen leaving the tv screen clean.
Real gamers don't look down when were playing games. That's the fallacy the Wii U had. 
But in all seriousness i'm glad there's still a classic alternative.
+Thomas Dailey that I agree with but I believe even with shooters the screen on the pad will serve a very useful purpose ( inventory, map, etc) . Putting the gamepad users at a slight disadvantage. I like the controller don't get me wrong this was a ling time coming . But the Gamepad is a complete controller and releasing an alternate controller this early seems like an odd strategy .
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