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BioWare is opening Pandora's Box with this.
BioWare says it's working on game content that will hopefully bring closure and clarity to the ending of Mass Effect 3.
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It depends on how they handle it. If they totally change then ending, then yes, it'll be Pandora's Box. If they just address the inconsistencies and plot holes left by the ending, then they're doing good customer service. Why advertise that it's the end of Shepard's story when it's not? Why advertise #takebackearth when it's not? Why say it's not going to be space magic, when that's what we get? Most people went in to ME3 believing that Shepard would die in the end. I doubt true fans want Shepard to retire on the beach with his love interest in the last cut scene. That'd be an even worse ending. I believe that an explanation of what happened at the end would satisfy most of the critics.
+Brian Baumlin If you don't mind spoilers, try reading this: or . There's a lot of things that happen in the end that don't make sense. Lots of plot holes that are never filled. It all just makes you go, what in the world just happened? Not really a nice way to end a series unless you're planning ME4 with Shepard, which would go against what they said in the first place.
I am almost towards the end of Mass Effect 3 and I am just floored at how Bioware pieced together a lot of good conflict. I have no expectations for its ending and I think that's a big reason why people are disappointed in its conclusion. Now I am not saying that I don't have an affinity for the series because I really do enjoy them. However, I believe the game tends to want you thinking that it will live up to its expectations but instead it brings you into an unexpected twist. That unexpected twist is what gets a lot of attention and I think Bioware wanted to leave players at a stretch similar to how Halo 2 ended. I do think that Bioware may have not ended many plots because maybe they aren't done with them and are leaving room to explore them further in another game.
I don't really mind the endings in games because it is truly an art form and you can't really control how it is going to be expressed. That is something the artist or creator must decide and they leave the spectators to react to it. However, they don't expect that to change its end look should be a reaction and by doing so would take away the right of the creator to express them self as well as your own dignity to do so.
This also leads me to leave one last thought about the Mass Effect series as a whole. I think Bioware is trying to purge the franchise mindset of Mass Effect and getting fans to look at the game in its own unique way instead of subliminally referencing it to other trademarks such as Star Wars or Star Trek (very bleak but simple examples). I do this quite often when I am playing the game and it just automatically sets into my mind. "Oh this looks like Star Trek!" or "That power reminds me of the Force." are sometimes the thoughts that run through as I play this game. I think we all do this because we want to be in control of our media and content and by associating it with others it fuels that conscience of expecting it to end in a similar way.
+Ryland Cline The game itself is incredible. The conflict, the resolution. It's really an awe-inspiring universe. It builds up to a huge climax and then nothing. You're waiting for resolution to all the conflict. You're waiting for the end of Shepard's story. And you get none of it. You just get more questions. That is why it is a let down.

I consider Mass Effect within it's own universe. I don't compare it to Star Wars or Star Trek. I compare it to the rest of the franchise and it was not consistent to the series as a whole by the way it was left at the end.
Well I'll just have to beat the game and find out. I'll comment back on how I feel about it later.
Best ending ever ... So much left to explore!
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