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Popcap Games, which is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, and Wooga, are shutting down its games, and walking away from Google Plus.
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Good bye u don't wanna be here oh well stay on spybook! Lol
I believe all the social gaming on facebook is what turned some away from the site. I love google + but i wouldnt game on it even if the games were available. It adds a measure of confusion to the site and thats what some want to avoid
Lmao works hand in hand with the government? Thats a new one lmao.
Who cares. Most people use their phones not on g+ to play crappy web based games anyways:) nothing is more annoying then checking your facebook and have a million game requests...
I cant the government has blocked it...ugggh
+Ivan Yglesia i hear ya. But it is probably only pennies they lose as google has so much:) google is the best i agree:)
All games on social network become pretty fast boring. I must add that i also don't play any more games on social networks.
I see it this way.  Employers are more apt to block Fbook more than is doing social networking the correct way, the simple way, the way you don't have to get blocked!
+Nathan Luster, really?  Why would they do such a thing?  I work for a County office now and they have blocked it totally but they fail to realize that everyone is just looking at their cell phones more.  Social Networking is actually a quick way to contact remote sites with the messaging and hangouts, it could be an advantage. 
+Nathan Luster some people just don't know how to use it wisely.  At work I would access Fbook, see what's going on then get off the network.  Heck I find out all of the best, breaking news stories from Fbook and G+. 
Sad, google plus is way more awesome than Facebook. I hope it means we can get real games starting to appear on plus.
This is ridiculous. I'm tired of G+ being crapped on.
Jon Moo
Who cares about them taking away their crappy games? The social network gaming was a fad that hit its peak a long time ago. Those game companies soon wont be companies at all
Probably because us smart G+ Users have better things to do with our time, unlike the Facebook zombies. ;)
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