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How To Root Motorola Moto G - The Easy Way!

Posted here -

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The New YouTube for Android [5.3.24] is buttery smooth!!! 
Loads blazing fast and has a brand new hamburger slide in menu that i'm a fan of!

The drawer now only opens if you swipe from the edge, not just in the main app UI. The channels and My Subscriptions also have a new tabbed interface.Also the new music service is under development. Excited?

#Google #YouTube #Android #Apps
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How To Root Google Nexus 5 - Easiest Way!
Tutorial here -

‪#‎Android‬ ‪#‎Nexus5‬ ‪#‎ROOT‬ ‪#‎Nexus5Root‬ ‪#‎Tutorials‬
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Top 3 Android News of the day : 

1. Official 4.4 Android KitKat update rolling out for Google Nexus 4!

2. Google Nexus 5 is Now available in India (Priced at INR 28,999 for 16GB and INR 32,999 for 32GB)

3.Nexus 7 (2013) now available in India, Priced at INR 20,999 for the 16GB and INR 23,999 for the 32GB (Both are Wi-Fi versions) The 32GB 3G/ LTE version is being sold for INR 27,999.

‪#‎Nexus7‬ ‪#‎nexus5‬ ‪#‎nexus4‬ ‪#‎KitKat‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎Android‬
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4.3 Jellybean update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rolling out Now!

Samsung has begun updating both international versions of the Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100 and GT-N7105) to Android 4.3, a change that brings a slew of new features and improvements to the user experience. This is the first time the Galaxy Note 2 has received a major firmware update – the device launched with Android 4.1.2 on board back in October 2012, and has been stuck on the version ever since.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes coming to the international Note 2 (GT-N7100) and Note 2 LTE (GT-N7105) along with the bump to 4.3 Jelly Bean, according to Sam Mobile:

Support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch
Samsung Knox security suite, Samsung Wallet payment app
Support for the TRIM command, which should improve the performance of flash storage
Better RAM management, GPU drivers, and, overall, improved performance
UI update to match the Galaxy S4 theme
New lockscreen, new screen modes, Daydream, driving mode, actionable notifications
Move apps to SD card feature
New S Voice and new voice commands
To the dismay of those who hoped for the Note 2 to gain some of the new S Pen features on the Note 3, the update doesn’t bring anything in this department. It’s possible that features like Air Command, the new S Note, and improved Search will make it to the Note 2 in a future update, but don’t count on it. And, if you really want them, there’s always the unofficial route.

Unlike the botched Android 4.3 update for some versions of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, this update seems to be very stable and issue-free.

Currently, the Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) Android 4.3 update is rolling out in India, with more markets to follow soon. Unbranded, unlocked devices will get the update first, with carrier versions generally lagging behind.

Excited Note2 users?

#Samsung   #GalaxyNote2   #jellybean   #Android  
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4.3 Jellybean Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 has been put on hold, Samsung confirms! 

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 has been officially put on hold, Samsung confirmed to a publication, after many device owners reported several performance and battery issues with the handset following the software upgrade in the UK.

Released only a few days ago, the Android 4.3 update is not available as an OTA download for Galaxy S3 owners. Here’s the brief statement Samsung Mobile UK gave to Sam Mobile on the matter:

"As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility."

The publication also listed the following major issues with the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update:

1. Wake up lag (Sometimes it takes a few seconds to wake the device from standby and sometimes a few minutes)
2. Random Freezing
3. Huge battery drain
4. Bluetooth Audio issues during playback in car
5. Stuttering music playback with stock Samsung music app
6. Device freezes as soon a call is received (Black screen issue)
7. Poor RAM management (very difficult to multitask)
8. Wi-Fi issues

Interestingly, the recently released Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update for the AT&T model has also been quietly pulled, so it would appear that Samsung’s issues with the latest Jelly Bean version are a bit more widespread than expected.

What do you think about this?

#samsung   #jellybean   #GalaxyS3  #GalaxyS4  #Android   #Updates   #Androidnews
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Final 4.3 Jellybean Firmware leaks for Samsung Galaxy Note2. Roll out possible this week! 

According to Sam Mobile’s usually reliable insider, the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) may arrive as soon as this week. In fact, there’s a good chance that Samsung will kick off the rollout today, according to the same source, though probably only in a handful of markets to start with.

If patience is not your forte, you can treat yourself with the updated firmware right now. Sam Mobile has what it claims is a “final” Android 4.3 firmware version for the Note 2, that will supposedly be identical, feature-wise, with the version expected to roll out soon. Some bugs may still afflict it, but aside that, the firmware is supposedly “pretty stable”.

So, what does Android 4.3 bring to the still very capable Note 2? The update will refresh some UI elements to match the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, as well as add a few new features, such as Knox and Wallet. As promised, there’s also support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Unfortunately, this supposedly final 4.3 build does not include the new S Pen features introduced on the Note 3, such as Air Command or the improved S Note app, in a rather odd decision on Samsung’s part. If that’s truly the case with the official release, there’s still the possibility to port over some of the Note 3 features yourself.

We’ll keep you posted on the official rollout of the Android 4.3 update for the GT-N7100, so stay tuned.

#Android  #galaxyNote2  #Samsung   #Jellybean   #Updates
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