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Buy Best Beds In Lahore
Looking to upgrade you dull bedroom? Here are some cool options from the collection of Furniture Hub PK – best furniture store in Lahore – to brighten up your room.
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Pakistan's 1st Online Home and Office Furniture Store | FurnitureHubPk

A house only feels like a home with the right decor. If you have moved into a new property and want to make decorative changes, there’s no better place than FurnitureHub for that. Our wide array of online retailers with a diverse range of homewares is what you need to stylize your home and add a unique touch to it.

Our #onlinestore will help you find everything from chandeliers to consoles to iron stands and more. Plus, we offer daily style tips to make shopping on our website fun and easy. So, save yourself the trouble of leaving the comfort of your bed to make a trip to a furniture store and get the desired items delivered right at your doorstep.

Here’s what you’ll find in our #homeanddecor collection.


Having a chandelier in your room makes it the most impressive part of your home. It makes your room standout and the leaves the person walking into it in awe. Above all, it adds a graceful touch to the surroundings. So, if you are looking to buy chandeliers, then buy from us. We offer a vast variety of styles, looks, and sizes at extremely affordable prices.


Buy world class console tables to utilize empty spaces and provide a strong first impression for your guests. Our high-quality consoles offer a variety of styles along with great functionality. Use them to place keys, wallets, family photos or think about hooks or a coat rack to gather guests’ belongings. They’re ideal to serve you in multiple ways.


Handcrafted decors create a lasting impression with your family as well as the guests in your home for some time to come. Our collections of handcrafted decors carry stunning items that can be passed on to generations to come. If you are looking to add a unique touch to your room, you can find the right item at


A cool wall hanging décor instantly draws the attention of a person while having empty walls will totally spoil the look of your home’s interior. For this reason, lots of homeowners opt for innovative wall hanging decors on FurnitureHub. Currently, you can find loads of striking options to perk up the beauty of your place.


If you get mesmerized by the charm of illuminated colored glass, then our collection of lamps is exactly what you need to see. It carries lamps that will fill your darkened room with vibrant colors of glowing glass, leaving the eyes of beholder completely mesmerized and their jaw on the floor! Our lamps are perfect to add a spellbinding effect to any room! Explore our collection and get your favorite lamp now!


Our online retailers pay a lot of attention to creating furniture racks of your taste. The pieces you buy from FurnitureHub can make the difference to your home and transform it from a dull, bland looking place to something really striking to the eyes. Our furniture racks give the overall design theme of your home a relaxing and natural look with a touch of uniqueness you want. Buy some racks, place them in different areas of your home and see for yourself if there is any difference.


Finding the right stools for your home may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if you have no idea where to look for, and what to look in them. Fortunately, you don’t have to scratch your head over it anymore! FurnitureHub is there to help with Pakistan’s largest stool collection. We carry stools that are manufactured to work for every individual based on their needs with specialized seating solutions. Anyone who uses our stools will feel comfortable while they are sitting on them and be more productive. So, if you are looking to find a relaxing stool, then FurnitureHub is a good place to look at.

Apart from these, we carry items like coat hanging racks, iron stands, consoles, lights, paintings, chest of drawers, swings, corner cabinets, and more. Please explore our collection to see the items.

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FurnitureHub’s table collection offers quality tables to beautify your home. We offer many categories with marvelous designs of tables that are delivered quickly after the order. Our space saving tables are great for those living in small apartments by making more space to move about.

The collection of tables on FurnitureHub includes:


Center Tables

Though you will find a diverse choice of center tables here, the custom-made collection truly stands out from the rest. With these, you will have the option of getting material of your choice, and if you don’t want to get the material, then the manufacturers will get it themselves.

Apart from the looks, our center tables are elegant and will blend nicely with the interior of your room. However, you must know whether it’s modem or traditional for the table to fit perfectly into the décor.
Dining Tables

Here you will find many types of dining tables with different features. Our standard dining tables – ones you see inside palaces – giving your home a real classy touch.

Another type is breakfast tables which are typically smaller in size but come with some really unique features such as locking casters for added mobility.

The cocktail table which is also known as coffee table can also be used as a dining table but not many use them for meals and rather use them in front of the sofas and TVs to place drinks and snacks.

Other than these, we carry formal dining tables and long dining tables that seat many people.

Nest Tables

Homeowners find our nest tables extremely convenient for a variety of reasons:

These tables are perfect for large families
Superb for when there are lots of guests and more space is required
Can be used for board games
They can be placed under one another when not in use, saving a lot of space while also serving as a decorative piece

Prices start from Rs. 7,500/-

Tea Trolley Tables

Our collection of tea trolley tables offers a diverse range of effective solutions for serving guests with tea and drinks on the deck, patio area, poolside and inside of the house. They come in traditional and contemporary designs with wood and metallic construction serving as a perfect piece of furniture for drinks and appetizers. Some of their useful features include:

Push handles at both ends
Locking wheels
Completely safe mobility made possible by rails on the outer edges of shelves
Stable and rustproof design
Lightweight, water-resilient, rain repellent

Corner Tables

Our corner tables are popular for two main reasons: functionality and aesthetics. Functionality because there are areas in your home which are not big enough to accommodate traditional tables. Corner tables are perfect for those areas. A right-sized corner table isn’t just perfect for your room, but can also be used the way you would want.

A major problem with many homes these days is that they are minimalist in design which makes having bulky furniture virtually impossible. Our corner tables will do an ideal job in situations like these. They are tough, strong, multipurpose and can be used as a coffee table or as a holder to display articles in hallways.

The aesthetics of our corner tables are crafted to beautify your home. As we just mentioned, they could be used to hold display articles like photo frames, vases, sculpture, etc. In short, the collection of these tables on FurnitureHub offers great functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs.


Our Chester collection carries a variety of tables and drawers which provide high functionality without messing up the look of your bedroom. A bedroom with wardrobes and cabinets deserves to have a matching chest of drawer; and there won’t be a better place to get one than FurnitureHub. You can purchase one of standard size, or try something different and go for pieces with a combination of different sizes – we have it all! In fact, the latter one offers more versatile storage options, while also adding a touch of beauty to the interior of your already stunning room.

Here’s what our collection holds for you:

Chester Table
Chester Drawer
Mini Chester
Mofa Console, and more!
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BEST SOFA COLLECTION IN PAKISTAN | #BuySofasOnline in Pakistan |

FurnitureHub is Pakistan’s premier source for quality #sofas. We have a rich history of providing high-quality sofas at affordable prices. #FurnitureHub invites you to stop by and take a look at our sofa collection before heading somewhere else. Explore our store as here you will find a stunning variety of living room sofas, bedroom sofas, lounge sofas, couch, #kidsroomsofas, and more! We invite you to become part of our vast family of customers from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan and relish a great shopping experience.

Here’s a brief look at what you are going to find in country’s best sofa collection.


Sofas are the first thing your eyes look for when entering the living room at a friend’s house. They’re there to soothe the sitters and serve to entertain the guests during the celebrations of gatherings with friends and family members. A living room with perfect furnishing but worn out sofas will make your guests feel scratchy.

Sofa is the primary component and something around which the comfort of living room is centered. The furniture manufacturers on our platform offer a huge variety of sofas with vigorously analyzed designs to provide maximum comfort. Moreover, the color, shape, size, fabric, and material of our sofas are chosen to go perfectly with the interior of your living room.
On FurnitureHub, you will find:

Black Mamba Sofa
3-Seater Living Room Sofa
5-Seater Living Room Sofa
Cabriole Carving Sofa
Sofa Sets with Center Table, and more.


So, you’re bored with your old, worn out bedroom sofa set and want to buy a new one. Please come explore our sofa collection. Here you will find bedroom sofas that won’t only touch your heart but will also go perfectly well with your bedroom furniture and interior. There is a plethora of mind-blowingly stylish and elegant pieces available to luxurify your dormitory!

Whether you are looking for modern or contemporary designs, we have everything for you. Our wide array of both styles is very elegant and guaranteed to make your bedroom a heaven.

Moreover, our bedroom sofas are practical and come in a stunning fabric. There are Elite Chinioti sofas, classic sofas, 5-seater sofa with 2 wing chairs, golden sofas, and more in various sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to match your room-theme in an economical manner.


Buying a new piece of couch is never easy if you are the type who doesn’t frequently shop for furniture and stuff. But FurnitureHub’s wide variety of couches makes buying an idea couch very simple now.

The color combination of our couches is out of this world and their irresistible style is sure to upgrade your living where you can truly feel comfortable. While buying a piece from FurnitureHub, you wouldn’t have to worry about the level of comfort it is going to provide to you and your family because all our couch types i.e. leather, fabric, upholstered, etc. are made with great care and guarantee the same level of comfort for everyone.
The couches you will find on here include:

2-Seater Couch
2-Seater Couch Sofa
Couch Settee
Couch Settee with Cabinet
Stylish Circular Couch
Old Town Bends Couch, and more.


At some point, we are all meant to transform the theme of our lounges from vintage to fresh designs. However, this can be really expensive and the certainty to get the desired luxury and comfort is still not there. But with FurnitureHub, this is not a problem anymore.

Our collection is full of sofas particularly produced to go with modern interior designs and offer both comfortability and utilization of space they are positioned in. Additionally, they come in a large variety of flairs and sizes to see the needs of customers.

Our lounge sofas have strong hardwood frames with the ability to be flawlessly positioned in a corner or to be used as your lounge’s central point at prices hard to find anywhere else.

So that’s pretty much it. Apart from the above-mentioned types, you will find Dewan, L-Shape Sofas, Sofa Cum Bed on here. From price to material types and sizes, the details of each can be found in their respective sections.
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A good night’s sleep is what everyone yearns for. But very few actually get that for different reasons – one of them being poor quality beds. It is a well-known fact that quality of sleep depends on the quality of the bed, yet plenty of people choose to ignore this or know very little to improve the situation.

Let’s say, if you were to hit the market today to buy a bed for an improved sleep, would you be able to pick out the right one? What would be the likelihood that the bed you bring home perfectly sees your sleep requirement and leaves you a pleased customer? Many people leave home with confidence in their ability to do this, only to discover a few months later that the purchase they had made was an absolute disaster.

The truth is that there is a large variety of #beds available on the market. What is ideal for one person can be completely opposite to another. A bed that gives your friend, colleague or relative a good sleep may feel like a brick wall to you.

When it comes to purchasing a perfect bed, you must get in touch with FurnitureHub. We offer a wide variety of beds that will help you stay fresh for prolonged periods of time after a good night’s sleep.

On our platform, you will find modern and #contemporarybeds #classicbeds semi classic beds, and kids beds.


If you are looking to give your room a cool fresh look with a contemporary touch, then our modern bed section is the perfect place to be at. Our selection goes perfectly well with your modern structured home and is an ideal fit to give your #bedroom an elegant touch.

The options here are versatile and priced in a way to weigh the least on your budget. Platform beds, which is the topmost choice of customers these days offer a wide array of designs and shapes and come at very affordable prices. Moreover, these beds are adaptable to any kind of interior designs because of their simple yet elegant patterns. Also, the customizable nature of these beds gives you the added benefit of decorating your chosen piece and bedroom according to your personal taste.

Here are some of the top modern bed types to choose from:

Afridi bed with Malaysian MDF wood and fiber coating & carving along with 2 side tables.

Curly carving bed with Malaysian MDF wood and fancy classic style along with dressing table.

Antique walnut carving bed with Matt walnut finish and 2 side tables.


Classic wooden beds are perfect for any room. Whether you need a comfy bed to sleep on, or you simply want an additional bed in your guest room, a wooden bed always makes for a perfect choice.

FurnitureHub offers a wide variety of classic beds with different styles, shapes, and features, making the choice incredibly simple for you. Our classic wooden bed selection goes really well with your home’s interior and personal taste. Moreover, the color of these classic beds can be changed as per your choice, and if the color you are looking for is not available, we will change it to the desired one.

Our classic beds are extremely easy to maintain and offer extreme affordability. Here are the types of classic beds you will find:

Bed with 2 side tables with matt finish and slight curving on headboard.

Hayat bed comes with 2 side tables and features fabric on headboard.

Walnut bed with walnut finish and pure solid walnut wood. The bed is built in a simple classic style and comes with 2 side tables and an elite class dressing table.

The order processing time for each bed is 3-4 weeks.


#FuritureHub is the go-to place for customers looking for semi-classic beds because of its unbeatable selection.

With very economical prices and adjustable bed frames, we offer a diverse variety of affordable but stylish options. Plus, the myriad of options confirms that you find a perfect bed for your room. Precisely put, our semi-classic bed selection has everything you’d expect from a high-end brand but at a lower price.

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