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Always wanted to do this as a side job, so i will, starting immediately

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Planetside 2 is the only open ended FPS MMO in the world that doesn't have NPC s, relies purely on human interaction, is free.

Using its highly configurable interface I subtracted myself from the graphics, so I've been able to "Photograph" Not so much the game play, but rather, the sheer vastness of it.

With the Nvidia card I currently have (GTX 670), I noticed I could virtualize my dual monitor setup into a single video area.

These are some of the first screenshots taken with that mode

Cant wait to get a third monitor :D
PlanetSide 2 Landscape Photography Widescreen (x2)
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Meanwhile in Venezuela

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Great world Blender heritage, this guy
I'm happy for this video by +Andrew Price  Can't wait to see a more user friendly blender. that would speed up my work. What do you guys think?
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