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Tell us your Top 5 Superheroes in the Comments section of this post (feel free to judge our picks as well):

1.) Batman
2.) Superman
3.) Green Hornet
4.) Spawn
5.) Gambit
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1. Iron Man
2. Batman
3. Superman
4. Martian Manhunter
5. Colosses
1. Superman
2. Hulk
3. Thor
4. Wolverine
5. Ironman
All good picks thus far. Kind of shocked I'm not seeing more votes for Captain Planet and The Tick. My smart-aleck Followers must be busy today ;-)
Batman is not a Superhero. Let the debate begin
Technically, you could make this argument for a lot of superheroes, including Iron Man and even the Green Lantern, who has no true powers, they are given to him through an accessory, similar to Batman.
Technically, we need to define superhero, then.
The fact that has has been one of the top 5 super heroes since 1939 means millions of people throughout history disagree with you. In addition, Batman defeated Superman not once but twice in a comic, not bad for a guy with no POWERS huh?
Batman, Ironman etc still have access to superhuman capabilities by virtue of their accessories - so I think they still fall in the domain of Superheroes. 'Just' a 'hero' would apply to your average cop, firefighter, Soldier, Airman, Sailor or Marine who do heroic things without having access to superhuman abilities. 'Just' a 'hero' wouldn't be able to take on the super villains that they fight - so maybe the level of villain helps to define whether or not a hero is Super?
This debate is now Heroism vs Superheroism - where is the line in the sand? Is a firefighter carrying three people out of a fire performing a "super" heroic act? I'd have to think so.
+Tommy Ross +Hillary Walker I agree with you both completely. I see Batman, Ironman, Green Lantern and the rest as super heroes. I was simply stating an observation.
So, essentially, the US military is a superhero?
I only say that because their technology affords them the ability to do beyond that of a normal person. Does this mean that, theoretically, anyone can be a superhero based on the amount of money they have?
Batman does have a super power, it just isn't visible like all the other super heroes. He has Super Intelligence. Everything he creates isn't from some engineer he knows. He creates it all himself. All his computers, vehicles, gadgets and structures are all his.
This is why I love Full Sail

Top Five:
1. Superman
2. Spiderman
3. Batman
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello
5. Selene: Underworld

Batman is definitely a Superhero. Although he physically isn't super powered his gadgets allow for him to achieve superhuman levels of heroics. Same with Ironman. But, like this meme states: Money is a great superpower.
Chance - The military is an entity - not an individual. And Heroes are individuals who make choices to put themselves in harm's way for the benefit of others - So yes - members of the military can be heroes - but the military as an organization is not a 'super hero.' Any person with financial means to build Wayne/Stark style gadgets could only become a Super Hero if they also had the courage and motivation to become a Super Hero. It's not like 'buying a star on the walk of fame.' You still have to merit it.

PS - Josh - LOVE the meme
This is the most geek-tastic thread I've been a part of in a long time
Either way, I think we can all agree that the selfless feats of bravery by our service men and women in the armed forces, law enforcement, fire protection, medical and other fields are that of "super" heroic people...

...And that Batman and Iron Man are in fact superheros, with or without supernatural powers ;-)
Agreed on all. Now, where can i get a ton of money? i promise ill use it to merit my super-hero status. PROMISE
Lets leave it at this... batman is a HERO. not a superhero. putting super in it means they have some kind of unique ability. a olympic athlete that knows karate could put on a bat costume with a utility belt and call themselves batman.

1)Iron man
3)Magneto(villain i know.)
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