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A quick sneaky peek at the FCM#60 - Fifth Birthday Edition :)
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Well, more of an introduction to the SVG file format this month. Next month you'll get your hands dirty with Inkscape :)
knowing about svg or anything related to inkscape is better than not knowing anything .. nice job guys.
Can't wait! :) Happy birthday FCM!
Google currents is recently available in Belgium... So it's possible to read FCM anywhere now :-). Happy Birthday! Thanks for keeping up the good work!
Google currents now available in Italy! I can't wait to read gimp article!
I (Ronnie) even have a video for each GIMP article showing you everything I do :)
So where is your uploaded vids about that???? Could you please tell me where the vids are? Thanks! :-D
yep,i'll be waiting :)
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