*An announcement for Alphaville readers.*

tl;dr version, cause we know how busy you all are:

We revamped the site (it looks pretty, yes?), and we'll be revamping even more (we're excited!).

The decision to invest more in Alphaville also came with a commitment to ask readers to sign up to read our posts. This means we are joining the FT’s existing, free system of reader registration to the site.

That means we’ll be introducing — quite soon — a system of signing in to read our posts. It goes live on November 19 (that's Monday).

Link to register with the FT if you haven't already: https://registration.ft.com/signup/register

Comes with benefits, like being able to read unlimited posts from all FT blogs and helpful market news emails that you can sign up to if you want. So please sign-up. 

Thanks for reading and being part of Alphaville.
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