Humans as guinea-pigs in Switzerland for pharmaceutical companies
1600 Euros for a six-days long experiments. This is what students that cannot afford their fees, family man whose wage does not suffice anymore, poor immigrants and so on recur to looking for a way to work-around the many obstacles today’s society has placed along their paths.

That is a full-fledged new form of slavery and it is scorching to see young men and women selling away their health only because somebody decided that college fees have to be unsustainable for most of the people i.e., or because others decided that permanent type of contracts are not compatible with a modern and fluid society in which people must be acquired and discharged as bare tools.

The link points to a video an Italian reporter recorded in secrecy pretending to be one of those desperate creatures of our times I attempted to define before. The full video will be broadcasted tomorrow on Italian public television. If available on the Internet I’ll publish it afterwards.
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