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A purpose-driven design and innovation company.
A purpose-driven design and innovation company.

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Just launched! Watch Episode 3 in our series for APA:

Psychotherapy: Friends Helping Friends - Episode 3

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Read more about our work with progressive Catholic group Call to Action to refresh their brand.

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12-year-old Lena has a Skype date with Strawberry, her new orangutan friend in Indonesia. 

You can’t help smiling at the adorable conversation between girl and orangutan… until Strawberry drops a bombshell.

Watch to find out Strawberry’s shocking secret and be sure to SHARE with your friends so they can find out too.

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Watch The Story of Solutions! Our latest collaboration with The Story of Stuff project has launched.

Our latest video with Real Food Media Project launched yesterday!

The Food MythBusters -- The Myth of Choice: How Junk-Food Marketers Target Our Kids

Big Food spends close to $2 billion every year telling kids and teens what's cool to eat through advertising, promotions, and sponsorships. Meanwhile, across the country, fast-food chains are crowding out grocery stores and supermarkets, narrowing the healthy food choices available.

Scary? It sure is, but together, we can work to curb this predatory marketing and stand up for real food. Learn more at #FoodMyths

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+Free Range Studios celebrating the US launch of an international movement — storytellers exploring transmedia for change. StoryCode DC is born! #storycodedc   #mediarise  

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Sign up for our next brand storytelling e-Workshop and learn to tell your own #epicbrandstory .

Introduction to Breakthrough Storytelling is on Sept 24 & 26.

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Join us at the panel series: Structuring a Strategy, Video for Change. Learn tips and techniques to improve your nonprofit's video strategy and create deeper impact. One day left to register for the first panel — how to find money for your nonprofit video.

Once you've learned all about video for change, give us a ring to get a project started! #npvideo  

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Is junk food what we really crave?

RSVP to see the new film that Free Range produced with Food MythBusters and join an exclusive online premiere on Wednesday September 25th featuring creator Anna Lappé! 


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Free Range is looking for a Project Manager to be based in the Washington DC office.

  #jobs   #careers    #washingtondc   #projectmanager   #storytelling   #socialchange
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