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Meanwhile use the temporary site on same domain.

Please be patient and stay with us.

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can you please upload the album Bastard by Tyler the Creator? thanks! i love your site by the way and thank you very much!
I can no longer hear the songs, please concerte.
You guys are really doing a good job. I so much appreciate what you guys are doing. I will so much apreciate if you guys can upload more of Boyz II Men and R. Kelly albums. Thanks
Can u give some attention for TAMIL music albums and movies
+Aria Rosindra Arsibiono Putra we don't take requests like that. you can request with full album name, artist name and year. Also, request on our facebook page as a message because we accept requests there only. Before that read request rules on our website.

Can you upload the album blurryface by twenty one pilots and the album savages by Breathe Carolina 
Can you upload Jess Glynne's deluxe album? Thank you
Can you upload "143" the album by Bars and Melody
What's wrong with ed sheeran's download links I can't download any of his albums. It's saying that they can't reach the page right now every time I go on it to download. Please fix it.
is it alright if you upload the album "Everyone's Out To Get Me" by Get Scared please? i really really REALLY love their song "Told Ya So" and i desperately want to get the whole album so that ill know the band better and be able to say that im a big fan of theirs.. thank you! 
The Alesana albums please.
All that's on there is Confessions 
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