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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to learn more about the C720. I also was allowed to open up the device. It's not possible to add more ram, or replace battery. there is room for a 3G modem. 

AND there will be a touch screen, and 4gb ram options for the C720
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What a shame. No more ram. 
Wow that's awesome with touch screen and larger RAM
Really want a touchscreen device where you can remove the keyboard or fold it out the way.
Why isn't any other reports mentioning the touchscreen? Are you sure about that? I would love it to be true.
5 different build models.
2gb + 16ssd
4gb + 32ssd
and touchscreen option as well
Sorry, don't remember the prices (was in SEK+vat), but if I remember correctly, the most esxpensive would be ~545 USD
but US prices are always lower than SE prices, when I think about it.
I would say that price will be for the touchscreen +4gb+32ssd+3g model. So I'm guessing a cheap 199 dollars to the 2gb+16ssd Wi-Fi only not touchscreen 
My c7 has 16gb of ram. 
I replaced the 320Gb HDD inside my C7 to a 120Gb Kingston SSD, 7mm version,  I added 2 x 4Gb of RAM and finally, changed the battery to get 2X the time I used to have. That's why I choosed the C7, I could customize it the way I want.
I would buy a 4GB+32GB with touch screen and 3G connectivity for 550 dollars in a second.
It is pretty expensive, but I would say its hardware (touchscreen and 3G) justifies the price.
Only would go if got lte. 
I would go for lte advanced. Not much difference for 3g and lte from where I'm from. I would pay 100 more from the original price for 3g and 32gb ssd 
It's a shame you can't boost the RAM, but I'm holding out for the 4 GB version. 

Will the touchscreen be standard across all models? Also, any idea on price? Availability?
Overall build quality was alot better. touch is only a option.
Yeah, I did write that before reading the rest of the thread. SMH. The specs in the PDF seem to indicate the weight should be about the same as the C7 though...
Yes, robust AND light, very sturdy. opening and closing the lid in upper right corner did not flex the screen. Here is our video from the presentation @ Acer (in swedish)
Is it just me or the thing that is common to all chromebook devices is that they are all so sleek, simple and clean looking netbooks out there? I just love how they look regardless of the manufacturer :-)

Looking over the specs I noticed it has a "dvd multi recorder" image.  A simple search comes up with "This means that the drive supports reading and writing to all types of DVD media". DVD is an option ?  That sounds odd.  That can't be right, can it ?  If it is, it sounds like Acer is going to just throw a whole bunch of variations at the market and see what sticks.
Maybe that will support DVD via USB or something. Don't believe on integrated DVD. This new acer on Google page Weight like 2.76lbs the older was heavy like 3pounds, cause of the hdd maybe. On Google page says also starting from 199 dollars the 2gb+16gb Wi-Fi only model I think and up to 8.5hours battery. On PDF says 6 hours 
Ian Ray
Hey it is the $400–$600 Chromebook so many people said they wanted. I hope the folks who wanted it actually buy units.
Video is poor, even though we used a 1080 camera, I think it's the lightening in the showroom.
+Marcelo Ivo Martinho Now come to think of it ,I agree with you that touch screen on a laptop is not that useful ,let alone it's by far more like a browser .I would fell for the same model u said you would buy if the price is good .
How's the touchpad?  (say, on a scale from 1-10, where 1 is a five year old Dell and 10 is a macbook)
How much faster will it be? I still have the original white Samsung
Nov 20 and still no C720 in Sweden. 
+Patrick Plante How does your upgraded C7 perform? Is it the best Chromebook for the price currently?
+Fredrik Linnander Awesome . I will keep checking prisjakt for updates. I can't wait to test this out with my students.
+preet isgr I must say that upgrading memory does not improve performance, it just let you open more tabs, that's it. With 2Gb of RAM, you can mainly have 5-6 tabs open before getting a slowdown, it does not actually speed up things.

As for the SSD drive, it does cut the boot/shutdown process by half, but that's it. You won't gain anything else than this, You won't get a faster opening in tabs or whatever.

All in all, I won't actually recommend getting a SSD for this, not a big one, if you manage to get a small SSD for 40$, ok, but other than that, it's a waster of space and money. If you do, get one 7mm thick, otherwise, it won't fit in.

As for memory, if you're only using 5-6 tabs in your chromebook, keep it that way, you won't notice an improvement either.

Maybe those 2 upgrades will make a difference in the future when Chrome OS will get updates, but for now, is pretty much useless, wait for the updates in Chromes OS and then buy RAM and SSD if needed, prices will be lower.
Perhaps a C720 is way to go, at least until Asus come out with their offerings in the new year.
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