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very impressed with the latest GarageBand for iPad update - does add credence to the idea that Apple are wooing their pro audience towards iOS as a serious platform. Never thought I'd see them put much power outside of Logic Pro
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I jumped on board with GarageBand for iOS the moment it was released. It's been really great so far. I used iRig with it for a while. I recently acquired the Apogee Jam interface, but haven't fired it up yet. Also, you can plug in a powered USB hub and run most any USB MIDI keyboard. I've got an Akai MPK mini that works a treat.

I assume the last update you're talking about is the one that allows editing the sequence, yes? As an avid Reason user, that was the first thing I noticed was lacking. Really glad they added that.

What kind of music are you making with it?
Franz S
Yes to sequence editing! Filter effects, stringed instruments, collaborative recording, track bouncing. I've only played with it for a few minutes but seems to be packed full of features. Also more export features like soundcloud. I haven't really messed around with music for years - but when I did it was electronica
Franz S
Haha great! I suppose it would have been too much for you to add vocals on the plane! 
lol! No chance... I couldn't do Carol of the Bells in a studio!
...but don't think I didn't consider it. ;-)
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