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Some homemade @foursquareAPI Connected Apps hot out of the @foursquare hq oven!
While we were building out the Connected Apps platform, we couldn't resist the urge to write a bunch of apps on our own. Some are pretty silly, some are useful, and some are just a first step towards ...
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This one reminds me of Historypin
Does foursquare have an account executive(s) for large enterprise clients?
Hey foursquare team, any word on the Google+ integration?
I don't think Foursquare monitors their social presence. 
Hi do you implement connection to G+ in your app like Twitter or Facebook? Thank you <3
Beg to differ, +Casey Lang As a superuser of Foursquare and user of Facebook Places, I have observed differences in the characteristics of the two geolocation apps. For one thing, Foursquare feels like it's more about discovering, photographing, checking in, and gaming, while Facebook Places is often more of a status post medium. A growing number of Foursquare users in my own network are regularly posting status updates, too, though, as well as engaging in chat.
is there a way to connect my foursquare to my google + account?
Yo, update your profile or something! (: Love foursquare!
Yes, please update your profile and let me link my check ins with google plus! :( All my android pals are leaving you because of this! :'(
Yes this needs to be addressed or we'll simple only use google's Local to check in.
The Google+ History API is out now! Finally I will use Foursquare again because I'll want to use one app to check in rather than on two different social networks.

Hurry up and make it so I can check-in to G+ on Foursquare >__<
Need to post and share photos in Facebook even after I have checked in. Because I check-in only with edited photos (for ex. with pixlr-o-matic) which are not synch with google+ or Facebook, because they are in separate folder. I cann add photos to the venue after check-in but not to share them in facebook
Is it possible to connect G+ with foursquare. Id like to do it. Please does anyone know how to do it?
Can't. Just share via the check in page on the app. Can't connect like Facebook though. Foursquare need to get off their ass.
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