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Forgotten Books
Forgotten Books :: World's Largest Online eBook Library
Forgotten Books :: World's Largest Online eBook Library


The world's largest trade fair for books is the Frankfurt Book Fair, with around 90,000 exhibitors. #fact

Source: Steven Gilbar (2005). Bibliotopia, Or, Mr. Gilbar's Book of Books & Catch-all of Literary Facts & Curiosities. David R. Godine Publisher.

According to a recent study, people who read are two and a half times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Syndrome later on in life. #fact

Source: Y. Stern (July 2006). "Cognitive reserve and Alzheimer disease". Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders 20 (2).

As a young cadet, Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from West Point for reporting to a march wearing nothing but white gloves. #fact

Source: Richard Lederer (2007). Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia. Gibbs Smith.

The word "beautiful" is mentioned in 76% of all the books, whereas the word "ugly" is mentioned only in 32% of books. #fact


8th January, 1835 is the only day in history that the USA had no national debt. #fact

Source: John Lloyd, John Mitchinson (2012). 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off. Faber & Faber.

In Ancient, Medieval and even Modern times, pale skin was considered desirable as a sign of a life of leisure, rather than working outdoors. During the Elizabethan era, women applied ceruse - a poisonous compound of white lead and vinegar - in imitation of the queen's pallid skin. #fact

Source: David A. Fryxell (2012). Good Old Days My Ass: 665 Funny History Facts & Terrifying Truths about Yesteryear. Family Tree Books.

In 1888, Thomas Edison's firm developed the electric chair and he tried to name it 'the Westinghouse' - after his main business competitor. #fact

Source: Richard Moran (June 23, 2010). "Shock Treatment." Time.,28804,1999143_2002893_2002888,00.html

The longest running play in the recorded history of the theater is "The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie. #fact

Source: Stephen Moss (20 November, 2012). "The Mousetrap at 60: why is this the world's longest-running play?" The Guardian.

The most shoplifted book in the world is The Bible. #fact

Source: Doug Lennox (2010). Now You Know The Bible. Dundurn.
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