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"This continued rise in Russian activity and provocation within eastern Ukraine is already bringing, an increase in sanctions on Russia. "
- Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke about #Ukraine on BBC Radio 4 today. Listen to the interview here:
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"the rest of the world" ???? Who gives the right to talk in the name of the rest of the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A look at the work of the Foreign Office and its embassies and high commissions this week on storify. #Ukraine #hrdreport #Rwanda20yrs #Afghanistan
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Find out how British ships are helping the Australian-led search for #MH370 in the British High Commissioner to Australia's blog:

Photo: HMS Echo
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What we want is A result, and the more they puddle the less the chances are.
How long it has been on now? And, with current way of technological "toys" the investigations of this kind should not take more than a day or two.
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Foreign Secretary William Hague launched the Foreign Office 2013 #HumanRights and Democracy Report this morning.
You can read and comment on the report here: #hrdreport  
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+Paul Gray I think atheism is a belief, and I assumed that was much of the reasoning behind the phrasing. You can probably split hairs over whether not believing in something is a belief in and of itself, and I agree that atheist groups should be allowed to form and have freedom of expression, but I don't think that the phrase you're quoting discriminates in any way.
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Foreign Secretary, William Hague, welcomes large number of ‪Afghan‬ men and women exercising right to vote despite intimidation and threats.

Millions of Afghans today took part in elections to choose only their second president since 2001, and to elect Provincial Council representatives.

Speaking about today’s elections, Foreign Secretary William Hague said:

"This is an historic moment for #Afghanistan  and its people. Across the country, millions of Afghans have been voting for a new President. It is a great achievement for the Afghan people that so many voters, men and women, young and old, have turned out in such large numbers, despite threats of violence, to have their say in the country’s future."

"Now that all the votes have been cast, I hope all parties will show patience and respect while the electoral authorities go to work to count and check the ballots, and declare the results."

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Democracy is infectious and affirmative. 
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Take a look at the work of the Foreign Office this week on storify.   #Ukraine   #Syria #Gibraltar  #ArmsTradeTreaty
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Today is the last major milestone to the opening of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games on 23 July 2014.  Its only 100 days to go before Scotland opens its arms to the Commonwealth with the start of one of the most impressive sporting festivals in the world.

Our Deputy High Commissioner in South Africa looks forward to the moment HM The Queen will read her message to the athletes of the #Commonwealth : #100DTG #Glasgow2014  
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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us. If you’re heading out to Brazil this summer and have questions on travel health and vaccinations then head over to Twitter and join our Q&A with at 12.30 BST, 14th April 2014.
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Watch out for shoe shine man in park between copacabana and ipanema. It's a scam. 
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Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and the Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds, visited #Rwanda to attend commemorations to mark twenty years since the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide and pay their respects to the victims and their families.
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Hi Willam, how is your holiday to Rwanda- a major producer of coffee, tea and minerals. I've herd they are picking up one education and every child enteting a secondary school is granted a laptop to selebrate free education. 
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"The 20th anniversary of the events in Rwanda is a moment to renew the international community's determination to prevent grave atrocities, to strengthen respect for international law, and to intensify our efforts to prevent conflict. It is not enough to remember; we have a responsibility to act." - Foreign Secretary William Hague. #Rwanda20yrs
On this day in 1994 the Rwandan genocide was unleashed. Extremist members of Rwanda's Hutu majority set about slaughtering Tutsis and moderate Hutus, irrespective of age or gender. More than 800,000 people were killed in 100 days of murder, rape and torture. I am in Rwanda today to commemorate the genocide, pay respect to the victims and honour the ordinary people of Rwanda for their remarkable efforts to rebuild their country after experiencing ...
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U can even make musical instrument out of them, or a furniture, buttons for dresses, combs....great sourse of natural matetial must not be waisted
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