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A not-so-quick getaway ....
...but a clever Escape.

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That was a f....... awesome video!!! I like Ford very much! and the last guy-zombie dancing LOL
Now that's how I've allways seen Ford customers... Only operating out of their cerebral cortex
Doug M.
I don't notice zombies much except when I run over them in my Jeep. Zombies are boring.
not as boring like the zombies from the movie i am legend. lol
Thought he was going to play "Thriller" on the radio instead...
Nice bit on the Escape with the wave your foot under the bumper to open the rear hatch. When I trade in the old Saturn wagon, I've got to look into the Escape.
ok very silly Advert.  As i look back they have had zombie movies for a very very long time and now the fad is coming back again..
May be its to take our minds off the Idiots not getting our GOV in the USA in order?
i know very very silly silly silly advery your correct MR BILL WINDWALKER.
Ya never know who you pick up on the road now day's

Joey T.
Control your sound system with your phone! My car can't do that.
Boo boo I am a Chevy man for life.
Zombies are real? or Just stories?
Been a long time since a car company mildly amused me. 
oooohhhhhh they are so scared
Can the test drive be over now?
I think Ford motors try to say that no alive peoples like Ford vhicals, only dead peoples, so if u alive so don't buy Ford.
This will certainly make an impression..........
"Zombies are the hottest monsters on the block".  So Ford jumped on the bandwagon...
I dont like it bec's i fear it
fry guy
Cool video. But way too much tech in that truck. Too much crap to break and way too expensive to fix them. Just give me back my simple cars that get me from A to B that don't fall apart when I hit a pothole.
This is an awesome ad...
Yet to watch, but I can't understand the obsession with zombies!  If these creatures and all the other creatures you find so fascinating actually existed, then we would all run into them all the time. 
cuz this is thrillah!.....thrillah ....yeah?.....something something ..something ..thriller!!!...........?.......jus sayn geez...
Holy crap! A good ad from Ford, maybe the Apocalypse is coming!
Good Commercial.  Creativity.  Something that is lacking in the government owned car businesses.
That is just too creepy. What is with all this Zombie promotion? Do they really think this is something that could or may happen. I heard the military is actually doing Zombie preparedness training.
Mine was a Sierra with a terrible motorhead, leaking valves and front exhaust 1984
Why it reminds me so much of some year old Chevrolet commercials? Still good copy and adaptation. 
The whole Zombie thing is getting old old old. We need fresh meat. lol
Huge zombie fanatic here, i loved the skit very funny. 
I want ford.. w^ video
I tot another walking dead epi. :p
im not the only one seeing zombies in my car, right honey...honey...HONEY!!!!
And i like that Norwegian sports store zombie commercial better
Was hoping for the recalled spontaneous fire from the engine compartment when he opened the hood. Zombie BBQ
I'll keep my old Ford,which is 23yrs old, over any other. Still runs perfect. Show me a chev or Dodge doing that!
yeah that we want to drive with
so when you buy the car are the zombies free or do you pay extra?
And that's why I only by fours lol 
What was it all about? Ford cars are crap anyhow.
Brilliant. Good work.
Luego seguro que el BlueTooth no se conecta y.... le toca salir corriendo. Seguro!!
That was awesome !!!!!!!
That's a great piece of advertising!
Where is my escape. Three weeks in the dedaler
funny but i am not compelled to buy a Ford.  have they gotten beyond the stigma of Fix Or Repair Daily.   F.O.R.D.
I fail to understand the benefit of using your foot to open the rear door if you have your hands full. You still have to have a spare hand to unlock the car...
This is good advertisement, take a note companies :)
Found on rubbish dump

cant wait for the next season of The Walking Dead!
i like ford escape the black one also like movie for advert¡¡¡¡¡¡ life is great....
Are these what called zombi exist in this world?or just man made stractures?
good Question bro..zombie originnally a snake _Deity deriving from west
africa or carribian country.....
entertaining...but that would be my last choice of vehicle for surviving zombies
Hate zombies but I leave the dang CAR YOU IDIOT!!!!!
Honestly.... I've never had a pleasant experience anywhere in any dealership.... I'm dreading buying another car..... 
U don't drive amorican cars the last time I did Ford focus broke so many times only 4,000 miles garnish, garbage, garbage 
With the exception of the driver, this looks like Ford customer service!
Or maybe it was the crew that built in all the DEFECTS in my F150! 
No, I think that's the SVO group. You can tell, because They look like they're from Dearborn-Ann Arbor area. Those people are all U M fans, and these people are clearly Wolverine fans. You see, that's what happens when you wear too much blue & yellow face paint.
Cool... Love the concept
Jay Tee
Ckever Indeed.
that was so retarded !!!!!!!!!
They strongly resemble former Ford Pinto owners!!
That's disgusting. Are the zombies making commercials for Ford now? Way to go Ford!
I like the name zombie, not the object lol
like the feature but don't like the zombie concept..!
ford'  ony name is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow beautiful and a clever man.hahahha.
If it was a Windstar or F150, & you ignored the recall, it might start the fire for you…LOL!!
That's good stuff, lol
Ik this will get lost in the comments. So. CHEVY SUCKS. GO FORD!!!!!!!
bad movies we need most of movis now (kill - destroy) we need romance and social movies
Not surprised at all! Far cry 3 getting better, it's not as much of a flop I thought it would be!
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