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"The vehicle you want to own when the zombie apocalypse occurs"

We don't want to alarm you, but with the recent reports of cannibalism in the news, we thought you should be prepared. We found this review of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, which should make you feel a little more secure. 
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So much "plus" on "The vehicle you want to own when the zombie apocalypse occurs". Well played Ford, well played.
Maybe +Mellie B needs one of these, just to be safe.... (Did someone say ZOMBIES ) ;)
Mellie B
I have men to protect me, but thanks for thinking of me :P
Bold statement,  +Mellie B ... What happens when these men ARE the zombies...  Never thought of that, did you.  I hear the Northwest Territories are nice this time of year....
Hahahah. Like ur marketing strategy Ford. But don't u think u might have played the zombie apocalypse card too soon?
That sounds like an awesome project! Taking the raptor and making it the ultimate zombie basher! 
nice i need this car but i m waiting for 2013 do u have any idea about it
not crazy about the truck but i love the cheekiness of the post.
lol The funny thing is a zombie has a better chance at driving one of these before me because of how damn expensive they are i guess im gotta stick with my feet for now.
When the zombie apocalypse comes, nobody panic, "I GOT THIS!."
Should have just bought a Chevy then you can stay still like a rock or so their commercials say lol
Eric Hege
+Noe Rodriguez, if GM can't even survive on their own without a bailout, how in the world would they be able to tackle something like the zombie apocalypse?
whoever Kristina's man is is one lucky sob.A woman that would buy this for her man is Top shelf ..And it sounds to to me, men or not Mellie B capable of jerkin out the AR and slingin some Brass you go girl
Step one: know someone that owns one of these.
Step two: take it from them when they become a zombie and you didn't due to hoarding weapons.
Sounds like the beginning of a great new marketing campaign!
+Eric Hege grow up. Ford borrowed 12 billion to stay afloat in 2006 as well as selling off a lot of assets and making job cuts.
You grow up ERic they didn't take a Bailout they did it the way you suppose to and if you paid attention the Borrowed the money against the Blue Oval symbol and a couple days ago paid it off and got the ownership of the Oval back they didn't file bankruptcy and screw the parts distributors they owed money too like GM and then take Goverment Money
+Christopher Gaul get your facts straight before you comment. There's a difference between taking out a loan (from a private financing company), and living off of the taxpayers like GM did (and is still doing).

+Bubba Oller I think you meant to direct that to Christopher not me.
None of the auto companies "took" government loans on the "bailout" - it was all paid back with interest.
BOOO le sigh Isn't this about the ZOMBIES! Now you guys go and kick some butt with your respective favorite trucks.. Go shoooosh go... :)
+Mellie B While our vehicles can be customized with lots of official aftermarket Ford parts, we don't think we carry rocket launchers in our inventory. You'd be on your own for that.
+Christopher Gaul We didn't sell any assets; we provided them as collateral for the $23.5 billion loan we got from our banks - not from the government-funded TARP program.
Yes, because when society falls you should have a truck that gets horrible gas mileage.
I meant Christopher in the Earlier post Eric sorry bout the misprint
Well +Michael Oliver M. , when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, that gets the majority of the population off the road! HOPEFULLY, it's some of the gas station owners too... Just make sure then you fill up, you follow the rules... #31 Check the back seat
+Ford Motor Company Um..Landrover, Jaguar, Volvo. Do those ring a bell?

Anyway my point to childish fanboys was that the entire North American auto industry is suffering and working hard to survive so this "Government Motors" type of talk is just immature and unproductive.

All that +Eric Hege should have said was that the Raptor is an awesome #ZombieApocalypse  survival vehicle and moved on with out the childish dig at GM and Chrysler.
The H2 is the choice vehicle. Just ask Tallahassee from Zombieland.
And ask all those parts suppliers Bob about all the money they got cheated out of by GM and went outta Business while the GM made those big undue salaries and too Taxpayer Dollars they need to be treated like ZOMBIES and put down
+Bob Marchand...sigh...

First of all, that "payback" was a transfer of money from another government funded account. A shell game if you will. Read my first link.

Secondly, you neglected to even mention the fact that the amount they "transferred" didn't even cover the full amount they received. Even your link mentions this. Did you even read your own link before posting it?

There's a reason those "paid back in full" commercials they aired were yanked off the air. It was blatant false advertising and GM got busted for it.
+Bubba Oller Ask all of the parts suppliers that are still in business because of it. The bailout couldn't come in time to stop all of the bleeding, and the Republicans slowed things down as well.
When I hear gm all I hear is a joke,cause that's what they are a joke lol I've never had to replace more parts and fix stuff then on my Cadillac deville 
+Christopher Gaul, childish fanboys? No. Just don't care to saddle my kids and grandkids with a crapload of debt.

I could have also talked about other ways our government (which doesn't apply to you as a Canadian) is running up our debt, but they'd be better suited in other non-automotive topics.
See... here's the problem... NO ONE IS WATCHING OUT FOR ZOMBIES!!! Rule #2 - The Double Tap
On the other hand i once drove my 2000 ford f150 from florida to texas with 4 coils broke and 4 spark plugs going out,and the good old truck never left me stranded shoot my caddys left me on the side of the road too many time cause of fuel pumps, idle senors ect...
This was one of the best pieces of advertising I've seen out of Ford in years. Funny, relevant and timely. I wish their mainstream advertising was this good.

So it was nice of +Eric Hege to hijack this post and turn it into childish fanboy arguing.
The last thing I want to do is get into a pissing match about defending car companies. They all play you for suckers, selling you crap products that in the life of your purchase, you pay many times more in interest and repairs. They are laughing at you. And by the time the zombies get their attack plans in gear, there will be no gasoline left anyway.
+Christopher Gaul telling people to grow up isn't very nice.  The nature of the Ford Finance division loan and subsequent payback is very different than the bailout paid to GM and Chrysler.  Your defensive attitude is as bad as those you are calling fanboys.  
+Bob Marchand I believe in the truth.

Even your link states I'm right about the outstanding money. The reason your link doesn't mention the shell game is the fact it was written before that came to light. Check the dates on your link...then check mine. ;-)
i love the Raptor's sat-nav its sooooooo accurate !
Okay, +Thomas Price I'll keep you, since you know the rules. I get to drive, tho. And get me a rocket launcher. 

And so help me, if the zombies get you, I will apply Rule #2 to you.
Also, along the lines of a zombie attacks, saying that GM can't survive it is pretty valid and didn't steep into political details until you brought it up. 
+Mellie B love the rocket launcher idea, I think a gatling gun might be beneficial for mowing down the hoards as well. 
+Mellie B fair enough.. but remember, driving = not shooting....  and I know you must want to get your hands on that trigger!
I think we need a +Ford Motor Company artist mockup of "OPTIONS" on this bad boy!  What a classic post, I think I'll share it.
I'll Hotwire one when the zombies show up! Cause I'd have to sale a kidney to get one now!
e.e ... I want one just because you said Zombie Apocalypse
yes, +Jared Hundrup , naturally. One for large groups not on the move, and one for packs/individuals coming at the truck. That's only good sense.
Well guys if you guys wants something that's like a rock and is about as fast as one 2 get Chevy but I no I want the truck named after a dinosaur lol cause that's what a real America would buy,2 bad I'm Mexican o well
Have you Driven a Ford Lately,+ Ford Motor Company You Dam right Baby got 2 in the driveway over 200,000 miles on both and they never left me or my Family sittin on the road and not for loosing my job and being outta work almost a year I'd have a new one in my Driveway Today,I start a New job Monday I have a Family of 8 we saved our home without a handout and did without a lot ,But Like the Ford we will hold our Heads High Knowing we did it the right way My kids talk about the Raptor all the time they showed it to me over a year ago and it's a cool azzz truck in reality we will never get one But like I tell the kids we can Dream and Zombie Truckin in a Raptor with Rocket launchers is one nice Dream so take your GM and use a Ram to Cram em'
Why don't you sell this in uk, all we get is lame versions
A F-150 Raptor will be nice but I'm also opting for the crack team of zombie fighters with Justin Bieber as the one nominated to be the first to die. Hahaha
For the media to sensationalize such a thing is horrible and for Ford to jump on the band wagon is worse
oh, and +Thomas Price ? If I can drive stick shift, of course I can drive and shoot, too.


Maybe not the RPG and drive. There is only so much space in the cab, after all.

Handgun? Absolutely.
+Christopher Gaul, call me a fanboy all you wish, but when the heads of the Big 3 went to Washington, I stated then that if Ford got government money, I'd never own another. I stand by that now and in the future.

It's not being a fanboy, it's about future generations and them not being saddled with debt.

Besides, I raised a valid point about the GM and the Zombie Apocalypse. You were the one trying to equate a loan with government handouts!
wouldn't want the raptor i'd have to go with the marauder :D
check it out on youtube
+ ERIC FISHER  yea electric burn out car by GM let me know how that works finding a plugin if it dont catch on fire
+Eric Hege, you're on my team in the Zombie Apocalypse!  I'll grab the keys to a couple Raptors, and you get the guns!
Although I am a Ford fan. 2006 Mustang GT. MY zombie response vehicle will still be a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. Check all the back seats. 
Yeah, cause real companies get their money from reputable sources, like Goldman Sachs, Leeman Brothers, and Bank of America.

Good grief, I give up. 
+Eric Fisher and so you think the electricity will still be operating? I'd go gas, at least you can scavenge from other vehicles until the fuel itself starts to go bad.
Matt C
I'll keep an eye out for it when I'm looking for something to steal.
If you get bitten by a Zombie you turn into one. So you drag yourself into the truck and now you have a Zombie driving a 4-ton vehicle down Main Street. You can guess the rest.
Mellie B
In one corner, we have the sociopolitical and economy debaters! In the other, we have TEAM ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

+Zion Hill that why Justin Bieber was mentioned. With a little bait, hopefully you won't be bitten!
Those are bad ass trucks. It's what my Ranger wants to be when it grows up.
An AD conceived in poor taste in EPIC proportions!
I'm Making sure my doors are locked every night now!!!
the truck is ugly. I've driven ford's most of my life and wouldn't buy that. My scooter will server me well during the zombie attack. 80mpg and only 2foot across. 
+Mellie B thanks for thinking of me. I'll be sure to add this to my other Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit items (along with a machete, katana, granola bars, and pr0n)
This is tasteless whoring by +Ford Motor Company appealing to the great many fools who are going on about a #zombieapocalypse  in response to the reports of #cannibalism  which resulted in the death and disfigurement of the victims.  
Ummm no thank you its ford we know what happens next it wont start youll have go on adventure to fimd the part right ill stick with my Escalade thanks though
Thanks Ford.  I'll be sure to steal one of these when the apocalypse hits.
I just knew someone would call this tasteless... hah!  I call it, quick turnaround marketing taking a chance on socially trending topics.  Well played Ford
We'll played! Might I suggest the addition of "Roo bars" mounted on the front bumper like they use in Australia. Perfect for plowing through the zombies without messing up the paint job.
Hmmm, i think not.... Ill take my 77 bronco over this any day when it comes to zombie crushing mania. At least that had a metal bumper that was tied directly to the frame, not a plastic trash can super glued to the front body panels. P.s. when will ford remake a full size convertible bronco again? That id buy.
Seems a bit morbid and a little too on the nose to make an AD like this. Serious depraved crimes to make light of, with real victims who see no joke in this. A proper AD would of not mentioned cannibalism, but used the backdrop of zombies to just get the point across.

For example; "Get the all new Facebook-150 before the Zombies get you!"

That is subtle and a more ambiguous statement... While allowing us to think on it and connect the events subconsciously.
There is no zombie invasion here in the Czech Republic but I definitely want to own F-150 SVT Raptor.
I thought I already blocked ford why am I still seeing this useless garbage
+Mellie B Noted! Can I have a heads up display as well?
Ford makes some mean looking cars, +Ford Motor Company have u considered lauching the australian FPV gt or typoon in the US, made below the mustang
Never use weapons or transportion that use fuel or ammo. They may run out. 

If there's no other possiblilty than use a car. Don't use one that uses that much fuel, because it runs out faster. Plus, overrunning zombies allways slows you, of course if you have to overrun zombies then your on the better side driving a tank, but if theres any posibliy to dodge them a Smart would be smarter ;).

Sorry Ford
Awesome job incorporating recent, gruesome murders into the social media strategy!
That useless garbage is the only stock production automobile to cross the baha race in mexico. Can your junk do that? I don't think so.
Toss some steel bars on the windows and call it a day
Gratuitous advertising at the expense of a terrible tragedy, morally bankrupt consumerism.
+Ford Motor Company , the real question is does it come in a 'Flex fuel' or multifuel option, so when your running from zombies you can use diesel or gas or home heating oil...
+A. Sundsboe There's probably a way to hook it up to Sync®
(in lieu of HUD)
Thank you Ford for making light of two tragedies for your marketing purposes. Bravo
+Scott Murff Dude, what are you going to do. .throw a bunch of K.F.C. drumsticks at them and yell, EAT THAT, ITS FINGER LICKING GOOD! ? [ Just messing with ya ] :-)
whoa really do you think a zombie can dent that?!
Well then, to the Lab! We need to convert the engine for alternative fuels, figure out how to detatch Sync from the satellite service, and mount massive weaponry.
Is this real? Are you guys really using cannibalism as a publicity stunt?
better find a job in The Umbrella Corporation
Really? Do zombies and apocalyptic references help sell vehicles? The cost of this effort gets folded into the price of the vehicle. File under bad marketing. 
That's some brilliant advertising.
Zombies and trucks.  The perfect combination!
Sad how this is "hot" on Google+
The obvious nature of G+ is exposed more and more with this ads thrust to the center of everyone's G+ page
David, they are not really using cannibalism as a publicity stunt.  You know how I know?  (spoiler alert)  Zombies are not real.  (end spoiler alert)  It is called humor.  Sorry if I am pulling the covers back on an unknown subject for you. 
Get a grip.....what are you going to now? File a lawsuit, plan a protest or maybe a vigil. 
Remember the Chevy super bowl ad? Dave drove a Ford...
Lol this is like the Kenneth Cole incident with Egypt last year
Needs more swords and a grill...with a solar powered chainsaw 
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "Zombie Edition"....brush guards.....skid plates....shatter proof glass....auxilary fuel cell in flat tires....side action flame throwers ......military grade bed topper w/ turreted .50 cal machine gun with grenade launcher add-on
Eat lots of oregano, a powerful anti parasite !
Not ZOMBIES. Reavers. Look up Firefly if you need more information. And personally, Reavers frighten me just a hair more than Zombies do.
Wow I love the guys that jump in with oh tasteless and such. If you go to heir google+ you see comics making jokes about Hitler and how it is funny to let genocide happen by messing up dates....looking at you Brendan Howard
Any pick up truck is a bad choice against Zombies.  The main reason is that you have to exit the vehicle in order to access storage in the bed.  Also the bed is very easily accessible by the undead hordes.  You would be much better off with a solid, fully enclosed, truck based SUV.  preferably one with decent gas millage, that is not overly plush and is big enough and capable enough to perform a very wide range of on and off-road duties.  My choice would probably be a Toyota 4Runner or a Nissan X-Terra (probably the latter as it has more practical design touches).
+Nicholas Hamm you're an idiot.  Do everyone a favor and stay off the internet you over sensitive prick.
Forget it. When the Z. A. finally arrives, I'm taking an M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank to get out of the city. There will be plenty of them around when the military fails to contain the zombie population and succumbs to the virus themselves.
Sam P.
Hysterical! Great marketing strategy, maybe GM could take some lessons from ya! 
Hey FoMoCo and fans - you won't need the zombie apocalypse. When the last drops of oil are wrenched from the sands of the earth, you will see the yahoo apocalypse, which will be many times as bad. Enjoy your gas guzzling!
I kinda like that but I think the zombie apocalypse is a little bizarre don't ya think??
I love it when marketing is focused towards irrational playful utility. Its kinda like the truth of how people in our society choose wants and needs sticking its head out..
U PPL dont learn from ur mistakes............
OK.. so has everyone picked a team yet?  I can head up "North American - Midwest Zombie Annihilators" group... Prep meeting in 2 days....
Not Just Badass Black But I want the Mellie B Edition and the B stands for BADASS, BEAUTIFUL, BROAD, WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER
personally it is a gas mileage issue
great we'll die in a very nicely packaged coffin
....just sayin...give us FAR BETTER FUEL MILEAGE
how much b2b.bB is the damn thing??
Expect that the best vehicle for the zombie apocalopis doesnt run on gas or make noise. A bike is a better option quite and run on muscle power. While the raptor might be a good thing if it was electric and had built in solar panels to charge it up. Cause once you run out of gas and cant find any you are hosed.
+1 doesn't even come close to showing my enthusiasm for this truck! When the apocalypse hits I will definitely be raiding the Ford dealership!
Needs a machine gun turret. ;)
wroom wroom let's go on playing everything is ok!
I'm thinking the bed mounted .50 cal is an option for this truck!
Chris S
Ford, a word of note...not every one of your current or future customers is Liberal. Posting blog posts from people basically calling Tea Partiers, Zombies, isn't winning me over. I own an F-150 and I'm a Conservative. After reading the "Tea Party" comment in this blog post, I stopped reading. I don't care how good the truck is. If you're going to promote this kind of pedantic name calling...perhaps your brand isn't the one for my next purchase.
Uhn... does it run on gas? Yes? Not solar power? Oh. Then, uhm... fail.
NAH! me and my Dodge Ram 1500 with a hemi will take you boys on any day 
When The Zombie Apocalypse Begins People Are Just Going To Steal The Truck -.-
Chris S. get the stick out you AZZ and wake up ,You and all the other Fake wannabe's Teapartiers Liberal Jackoffs kill me with all of your Bullshit Politics remember America was made great by Americans Helping Americans and Both parties have forgot Americans and Forgot what the Constitution is About and have Destroyed it. United we Stand,Divided we Fall .this country is more divided than ever and if we dont Unite It will Fall
Way ahead of you Ford. Now if you can just get Mike Rowe to stop by I'll be all good.
Anyone ever hit a large animal with your car, it causes a lot of damage to the vehicle. If I'm running zombies over I'm gonna need a military grade vehicle, or at least something built pre '69. Also want it to be carburetor, and no modern electronics.

But I would prefer an enduro motorcycle and a machete. The zombies I can't dodge I'll slice their heads off.
Um, no it's not. The F-650 from a few years back is the zombie rig I'd go with.
Ford Motor Company,Bubba Here,Please build a built in Gun rack in your Trucks floor mounted with flip up top corner mounted each back corner of cab concealed or open of overhead headliner above glass back call it the B.O. compartment I just wanna know I got a feature added The best Truck out there.Ps B.O. would be in place of Gun rack or term that might be a legal issue concerning gun rights so we can call it the B.O.  compartment
F*** you google and your f**** advertising
One of the smartest social media style campaigns I've seen, but regardless of zombie apocalypse I'd love a raptor.
I know someone who owns one. "SUHWEET" doesn't even begin to describe it.
Good luck squeezing that thing through the gaps in between all the abandoned vehicles.  Oh, and finding fuel to fill it once the supply chains have ground to a halt.
Wow, this truck ad only took 5 comments before it became a stupid political debate... Well done G+ ers.
I will be test driving one today! I love my ranger but I have to at least try it out. Here I come capo ford!
I'm sorry but I'm not gonna spend 50 k for that truck ... when the zombies come I'm gonna steal that truck and head for a gun store and hold it down .
thats very funny but I'd rather have a monster though army truck then anything else
I want to trade my 2007 Explorer for one but I really need An extended cab.
Bad assss lookin machine rite therr...
Bullshit! I watched the Superbowl .... my SILVERADO will get me through!
Chevys are cute - bowtie and all.......
my daughter has a chevy.....
Im glad I saw this. Now I can block ford and never have to see it again. 
What about fuel economy and space taken up?Bigger is by no means better!
lol ya we shall see we shall see
Did they fix the problem with the frame bending? Ill stick with my ford bronco
This post alone makes me want to buy a Ford. 
how heavy is the gauge of steel used for the front bumper? with the increased weight problem the americas are having at the moment, if a zombie breakout did occur, youd want cattle-catcher grade steel on that bumper - just in case.
When I become a lawyer at tsu I'll fight bipolar zombie doctors and run to the courts with that rented truck couple times
Look at those stupid criminals for saying they will rob us. Constables are ready for you soap dropping voice hearing cons.
Is nothing beyond appropriation and commodification these days that cannibalism can be used as a tagline? This is vulgar and thoughtless, and I expect more from Ford.
I dont need no Ford. i need a 60's longbed Chevy pickup.
greg v
Ford, GM who cares, do you guys really think the zombies care about who received bail out money and who didn't, no they are just worried about did he fire 5 or 6 shots
Because when the zombie apocalypse happens, there will be plenty of fuel readily available. Right?
The vehicle I own at any time, including during the zombie apocalypse, will strike a balance between space and gas mileage. Trucks and SUVs are completely and totally out of the question. Plus I live up in the frozen tundra, so I avoid 4 wheel drive.
Problem is, as soon as the zombie appocalypse hits, I'm stealing one of these, not buying, sorry ford.
Houston mayor parker better get one, when I get one it is going to be a tough competition match outside my house at 723.
Viggo lawsuits are fake. The police regulate everything up, lawyers are the non cops. It is all about survival of family. You bipolar shit.
When I get my ti 83 plus connection kit, I'm GOing to prove the negative WRONG.
Just to remind ya'll there's no resale value for this car when zombie apocalypse occurs, buy a car or take a car which is very common.
Always thrilled to see companies thrive on people dying. -1
This is silly sensationalism. These two incidents are isolated in a world with 7 billion people in it. Geez.
Seriously baby blue, the truck looks great but try apocalypse friendly colors.
Ford just got jumped by angry judging critics. It is all smooth transactions until illegal immigrants start stealing wills too. The Authorities know who lying over there.
I would go with GMC
THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE really!!!! its not possiblecome  for dead people to  come back from tartartus  and move with out brains or any thing else in there bodies !!!!!!!plus there bodies would be too stif to move !!!!seriously!!!
You guys are quick with that one! So no natural disaster truck? It is hurricane season, you know
I get trying to have a sense of humor about the recent news of a man cannabilizing another mans face, but is this really something to joke about? Poor taste from Ford.
Baylor doctor just told me, he does not care about trucks because he is too busy voicing interviews.
These guys that are negative, got their feelings hurt too much at the cash register by a poor old lady.
Borderline fucked up #Ford .
Haha really? Is it durable? Can it run thing over without damage? Is it a diesel?.... Didn't think so.... Try again......
Make Camoflauge army color yourself duh... customize it skittle nuts.
What a marketing strategy, by the time zombies occur we are all flying. Do you think we still need that truck? any truck, now tell me how can you gain consumers trust if you fool them.
Tough call, the Raptor is too wide for the backwoods trails here in Maine though, my 2011 F150 Screw will do just fine though once I put some real rubber on the wheels.
thank you but NOOOOOOO THANK U
I bet you mumble numbers all day. You belong flipping some tortas.
One more thing, we are not alarmed no one is gonna buy your raptor, we might your strategy is good. 
I'm good in my Explorer gotta transport the kids to safety
People who buy FUV's are already dead inside.
Dav Bob
Worse car ever for a zompocalypse. Too greedy, noisy and not able to turn in tight corners. You need a compact....
Haha yeah maybe the guy was a lil fucked in the head
I love the way you put that across as its fitting pity they never did it later in year ready for black ops 2 as eight cops would be needed for it hint hint *eight**man**zombies**in**black**ops**2* for the cod people
If given one to flog, I would gladly take it. How about a sponsorship +Ford Motor Company? Can you run it through your Skunkworks as well? I need it for the Zombies on the Southern California Freeways.
Roof mounted mini gun option would be great for clearing roadway
Why buy one now,when the zombie apocalypse comes I can just steal one.
Do people seriously have to take advantage of everything?
Why isit tht no 1 seems to mention th fact tht a few different car company's quite making cars at th same time which improved th sale's of both GM and Ford, yes it might of cost some ppl there jobs but if th unions werent over paying ppl to do th job in th first place thy would probably still all be wrking.....
+Ford Motor Company... what's going on with hydraulic launch assist on ford trucks? If I was in a zombie apocalypse, I'd want the best of both worlds... a truck that gets over 40 MPG!
Haha, I'll still take my GM or Nissan any day. After all a GM will survive the apocalypse
Thanks for making my day.  I need to upgrade my 2010 F150 to a Raptor now.
besides anyone driving a GM is screwed when goverment shuts the vehicle down with the goverment Onstar program you Idiots screwed
How stupid do you have to be to fall for that.
But will it still start once EMP was been used?
What moron at Ford Motor thought this was funny?
you should buy the ford super cheif
Wow, this is not at all oppurtunistic and tasteless. Nice job Ford. /sarcasm
Maybe Ford should pay Ronald Poppo's medical expenses? seeing as their getting free advertisting out of his suffering.
pretty slick....  With that you step on a dozen zombies without spilling coffee
Michonne definitely riding shotgun with me in this bad boy.
Armet Gurka F5 armored Truck would be perfect for the apocalypse
+Dominic Mioni really?  That's why it's number 2 on "what's hot" with 940+ and 340 shares!!  An essentially free post by the person in charge of social media at Ford with no money spent developing an ad, has sure sparked a lot of talk.  
Yeah! Just wait until gas in the US is $10 a gallon and nobody will buy your truck!
Nice truck. Wonder how they drive.....
Sticking to My soon to be Honda Ridgeline RTL ahhh yeahhh! Note to self install chain saws and flame throwers.
Yes, I totally want to be rolling around in a loud gas-guzzling beast when trying to hide from zombies :P
Wow!!! I dont want 1, i need 1 in my life. Think +Chris John should buy it as his next car. Lol
Shame on you Ford..............I guess none of you are relatives of the people that were killed?  Making publicity out of murder is pretty low.
all you need to do is place alot of treadmills around the house, and your good.
oh, and a care is also nice :)
Advertising on the coattails of a gruesome death.....SICK!!!
so the plan is to sneak into the zombie infested areas where ford dealerships with raptors are. then steal the raptors, because why do i want to buy such an expensive truck?
Just what you need when society collapses a car that will run out of fuel before you get out of town.
I prefer a shotgun. One shot kill on a zombie.
Ford would find a way to take something like this, and turn it into a campaign. :-/
well hello from Lovelace Nii Yemoh Kpabi Tetteh house number 22 Lily West Africa Accra Ghana Teshie Nungua Estate.
People actually choose to buy American cars? Funny.
Wait....Not enough power for me to plow dead cannibals trying to eat me. Lol Something fast and alot of Ammo!!
ive seen better trucks out a junkyard
I will buy the top of the line HONDA ridgeline & just replace it with All terrain tire and I will trust it than this Ford any day...
OMG! I have all new respect for Ford for posting this.
Lets have them in righthand drive for the uk plz
sure like that will happen
After this i expect to see 1 million followers for ford here on G+. this was amazing!!! <3 Ford <3
lol dude make it a zombie truck ford is awesome
First posting I've seen where the Zombie theme has been taken up. Was just wondering the other day how long it would take for someone mainstream to take it up and here it is LOL
Iam going to buy one for my Remodeling Co. in E. Tn. area, maybe 1st time customer calls for an estimate & tries to have me for the main dinner plan? Also FORD did not take any nobama money that he borrowed from china. Thank God that there is at least one smart car company around.
Y ford? Your giving away those cars? Still think of business when that dooms day will come!
The vehicle you don't want stolen from you when a zombie apocalypse occurs!
shut up.. i dont to hear any more of this zombie crap!! im tired of it find something else to freak out about like nuclear plants blowing up or something, something thats really scary. Personally i have always been afraid of the so called "zombie apocalypse" but its probably never going to happen so chill okay!
Until it crashes... I'll just keep driving my 1967 GMC Pickup thank you very much.
The problem here is the old adage, Found On Road Dead wouldn't apply anymore and we know this just isn't the case. False advertisement I say.
That looks like a new ford ranger just come out in the UK
I thought zombies already got a hold of fords and they were all Found On Roads Dead.
Yes please! I would like this Zombie Crusher! Shadap and take my money!
I'm sure I'll find one when it's time! lol
sorry,i'd only drive it if it were a chevy... i dont want my exhaust to fall off or my BREAKS TO FAIL when running from zombies
But at the end of the day, Zombies have nothing to do with it. The truck looks sick and everyone should get one cos it looks f@rken tough as. Good on ya Ford.
As I said on my friend's share of the post.  +Ford Motor Company can we get Sync to tell us where the nearest flesh eating zombie attack was and ensure our directions come with the option to go around that route ;)  That would be great!
well as its the zombie Apocalypse is upon us does that mean we dont have the worry of ever having to finish paying for the month payments 
Sweet ride ..... Would love to have that in my garage.
Omfg..lmao!!!! Hahahaha ford seen the perfect chance to make money out of those who believe EVERYTHING!!XD 
I had to do a double take. This is REALLY Ford. Like the REAL Ford brand page. But hey, if the Chief of the CDC is using the "zombie apocalypse" stuff to get attention on his message, I guess it was only a matter of preciously fleeting time before others were taking advantage of the topic.
Nice promo for the truck, can't blame them....the news started that crap! The guy was high on pcp!!!! 
They are coming! 2 attacks this week!
I'm keeping my Mini though...
A Zombie Apocalypse vehicle should have much better gas mileage.
With the Raptor and its current engines you get 11-14 mpg.
Ford should offer it with the Ecoboost engine and a diesel option. An Ecoboost with an extra gas tank would get you over 1000 miles driving range. 
I believe this might be in bad taste.
Better to run you over with my dear
eather a chevy avalanche, that ford, or a f-350
Silverado: The only truck that can survive the apocalypse.
Wow...rugged and built tough. It seems to clear off any obstacle across its path
If Chevy makes a zombie car. The Chevy would break into a thousand pieces. GO FORD!!
Flash mob marketing! I love it! It is a hot truck... good for any end of the world scenario
there is no end of the world or zombie apocolypse if their was they would have been came duh
classic truck, like one myself....early years of the f-150 though!
I'll keep my suburban. Just turned 180,000. Pulls strong. My prior Ford was dying@ 140,000.
Aaside from what appears to be a zombie apocalypse, hell, based on what I seen on Top Gear, that truck would survive our local streets alot better than my Sierra, without rattling your teeth out of your mouth! And if you have to run over some zombies, I would think that more capable... Not to bag on my GMC too much it is an 03 lol
Saw that truck on Top Gear, Tanner test drove it through the desert and that truck is worth every penny. You could run over zombies all day...
Too Funny! If cannibalism is the new craze, I'll stick to planking... 
Yes because during the apocalypse I want something with little to know gas mileage just so I could look cool.
+Harley Decker  buses have far to manu ways to enter... I would prefer an underground fortress... Ive read that some Ancient places have those... Too bad tourist ruined a safe zone
@christopher Gaul Childish arguing that you continue to take part in.
Lol Thomas, my thoughts exactly, I like my brothers F-250 better though
On another note mounted .50 Cal would be bit better than a rocket launcher..... beware human error ;-)
I'll take the latest model Taurus SHO.
I guess it's time to nut up or shut up
i'm going toTX when zombie apocalypse happens
If you can afford a Rocket Launcher why not save for a METAL Dai-Kodachi? Its illegal in US but half laws wont really matter during a Zombie Apocolypse... Also have fun and kill those bastards... maybe youll find someone you despise and get away with murder
Hopefully this vehicle comes with it's own reanimated chauffer...
This truck looks like it needs a lot of gas. It also looks loud. Those are bad if there's a zombie apocalypse. Trust me, I have the Zombie Survival Guide.
I'd like to see an auto manufacturer release a truck with bedliner as paint instead of the usual pretty/wimpy stuff, even if just as a special edition. Trucks ought to be dirty, without worrying about scratching up the paint. And it would look AWESOME!
Are weapons included in the price? Do I get a guarantee with it?
When a true zombie apocalypse happens, fuel for this monster is going to be tricky to supply. I'd make alternate plans when the undead start filling the streets, moaning for our brains.
Thank you Ford, you have made my day.
Wished Ford would put more work in its interiors..
I'd like to say Thanks Ford Motor Company for the Greatest post on G+ i've gotten the pleasure to be a part of All Hail the Blue Oval 
This post has had everything from Politics ,Love,Hate,Content,Passion,and everything in the kitchen sink not to mention Zombies Baby and that Beautiful BADAZZ RAPTOR PS BILL FORD PLEASE LET THEM ADD OPTIONAL AR CONCEALMENT COMPARTMENTS AND A MILLIE B. ROCKET LAUNCHER
AND THIS IS WHY i will always love my fords!! If i could tell a story about the thing me and my ford have been though it you would understand why its my best friend..
JUST finished watching The Walking Dead Season Two and I saw a reference to this post in an article +Guy Kawasaki shared.  Gave me the shivers!  Do want!
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