Update: Ford Photo Community - bit.ly/PhotoCommunity  

Communities on +Google+ are now mobile friendly so we have added a new category to the "Ford Photo Community" Mobile Shots.

Here's a run down of how the community is set up and how best to use it to share and connect with Ford and Ford Enthusiasts.

First up:
▷ Please note that the "Ford Photo Community" is a photo only community for your Ford related images.

▷ Posts should adhere to the "community guidelines" which you can find in the About section: situated to the left on desktop view, or in the "expanded" community view on mobile. 

▷ When posting, please add your image or images to the most appropriate category. If there isn't a category that "fits" post to "General Shots".

Category List: in the bit.ly/PhotoCommunity 

General Shots: Not sure in which community category the image you want to share fits? If the image you are posting does not clearly belong in one of the other categories post it to "General Shots". 
Stream viewbit.ly/GeneralShots 

My Ford: Shots of your Ford.
Stream view: bit.ly/myFord

Vintage Ford: Shiny old Fords. 
Stream viewbit.ly/VintageFord 

Ford Projects: Putting some love into a Ford restoration project? Post your images here. 
Stream view: bit.ly/FordProjects

In The Landscape: Been on holiday? Driven a great pass? Add shots here of your Ford in the landscape.
Stream view: bit.ly/InTheLandscape   

Me And My Ford: The category name may have confused people: it's spoken it in the first person! Just got delivery of a new Ford? Is your Ford your pride and joy? Add images of You and your Ford
Stream viewbit.ly/YouAndYourFord  

Mobile Shots: Shots taken or posted on mobile. 
A note on attaching location: When posting to the Ford Photo Community on a mobile device you have the option to attach your location. We would recommend choosing "City Level" location only which gives a rough indication of your location. There is more info on attaching location to posts on this Google+ help page: goo.gl/gp5e3 
Stream viewbit.ly/MobileShots 

That's it! Hope that helps current and future community members use and enjoy the Ford Photo Community. 

p.s. The image shows some entries from the Me And My Ford Flickr group: bit.ly/MeAndMyFord
If you are a Flickr fan you are welcome to add "Me And My Ford" shots there too! 

Last word. Want to share a "Me And My Ford" image but don't want to join the community? Post public using a hash tag like this: goo.gl/0L3bx 

Have a general question on Google+ Communities
Please visit frequently asked questions page: goo.gl/NejAu

Edit: added the "My Ford" category to the Ford Photo Community. 
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