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Can you guess the car

Edit: Correctly guessed (at a blistering pace) in the comments by +jesse Fernandes and +Christian Drey as the Ford GT. 

Merry Christmas everyone!
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I knew this round of "Guess the car" would be quick!

Will leave comments and sharing open.
gt40 since its too short to be the gt
Bring back the Ford GT. And support Robertson Racing while you're at it. Love watching those cars.
I would like to take a ride Ford GT. Ah ha!
Oh please...give me more answers...*facepalm*...!
Its my car. Or at least my dream car. Can i have it?
I want a ford so bad... I have the magazine which the Ford Evo looks bad ass ...Any ford will do =/
Matt K
Love my Ford F150.  I have a 2004 F150 lariat.  I had to drive a Chevy for work last night.  My back is now paying for the ride.  What an uncomfortable ride.  I'll stick with my Ford.
Ha that be fords GT CONCEPT car by far fast but only in a x class because you all know the 59 cobras out the door way bad ass.. Today an all ways my favorite is the 69 ford GT Mustang!! Baby blue with white interior..
Ni idea tengo de lo que es eso se que es un auto que modelo nose pero feliz de los que acierten jajaja

It's obviously a ford gt40 aka the ford40
I,am not shore what year it is but it looks like a mustard Conrad or a fastback
stop guessing... It clearly says it up at the top
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