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The Blue Oval is back!

This afternoon, Moody’s Investors Service announced its decision to upgrade +Ford Motor Company to investment grade. This is a significant milestone for all of us and the result of several years of hard work and progress by everyone associated with Ford. When we pledged the Ford Blue Oval as part of the loan package, we were not just pledging an asset. We pledged our heritage.

The Ford Blue Oval is one of the most recognized symbols in the world, and it is a source of great pride and passion, both inside and outside our company. Today, the Ford Blue Oval is back where it belongs: with the Ford family of 166,000 employees around the world.
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Tried and True, why miss with a good thing..
An American Company that THRIVED in the worst economy in decades. I'm a former GM buyer, who is a bone-fide Ford convert! Awesome product folks!
I drive my 1999 F150 120 miles a day back and forth to work ... she has 168,000 miles on her, and she runs as good as she did when she had 74,000 miles when I brought her home for the first time.

Congrats +Ford Motor Company - another job well done.
My dad has always owned Ford vehicles and I'm very pleased to follow in his footsteps with my 2000 mustang and 2010 Taurus. Keep it up Ford.
I have been window shopping lately and I haven't decided which one to get yet, but it will definitely be a Ford.
Cool! I love my Fusion! I really want a Flex though!
Congrats to Ford, but in the end we all win! Why? It shows a company can bring itself back on its own without the need for the taxpayers to bail them out!
love the car of progress today. full of creativity ford
Big kudos to Ford for having the courage, foresight, and leadership to mortgage their own assets and secure it through hard work and great products instead of running it into the ground and relying on tax payers to bail it out as the other manufacturers did.
I'm a 2010 Ford Fusion owner and love my car. I will always remember that Ford was the only US automaker that didn't take a government bailout on the tax payer's back. Ford is the true meaning of American ingenuity, dedication and hard work!