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We found this in our parking lot today. Have you ever seen a Super Duty powered by compressed natural gas? That's Built Ford Tough!
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just yesterday I hit one of those, nothing happened, my maverick 77 if the tube is wrinkled because the impact from behind.
Has anything been done about the evaporation problem? Not that there's much you can do when the component atoms are just so small.
Many (non-diesel) Ford pickup trucks in western Europe get adapted to run on LPG, have been for many years due to lower fuel cost.
Might want to blur out that license plate...
thats an awesome truck! finaly someone made a hard working truck thats good on the enviorment
I should show this to all my friends who have Fords in the shop right now. They'll love it!
Cool is good, but where do you get fuel and how many miles will a tank give you?
Actually I have 2 super dutys that run on veg-oil. Cheaper than CNG (free) & just as clean.
im not a big ford person i like the older fords but if i had a truck like that i could get 650+ miles out of one tank i would drive it
What ever happened to the fracking issue? I though natural gas excavation was contaminating water ways & reservoirs?
Why don't you make the ecoboost actually economical.. lovely engine but total fuel sucker.
Matt C
What's the fuel storage capacity?
Since Natural Gas is also a fast-depleting fuel source, what's the point?
On the right track but the world needs something better
This is great! To bad we won't see cars like in when we need it the most.
hoped this kind of car will be here too in the Philippines.
CNG has kits that you can get on certain model trucks. The price of cng isn't all that much of a savings on the wallet, but it is on the engine life and the envioronment. Problem, like robert asked about, is where to get the CNG. You need to be sure there are filling stations in the areas you drive these. Right now, they will work best in big cities for the public and for companies investing in their own filling stations. State govenments are looking at this.
As for frackin...its the lesser of all fuel evils. Just need to get your government to control companies who dont frack responsibly. Keep in mind, this is a bi-product of propane that runs better on your engine.
Every bus and public vehicle in Milwaukee in the late '50 and early 60's ran on natural gas.
If that has a deisel in in let me have it :D
thinest sheet metal around make the body stronger!
I guess +Ford Motor Company posted and went home for the weekend. Nice of them to answer the questions posted here.
Stop following Ford stories if you don't like them.
Just another technologically advancement by a company my tax dollars didn't bail out like some of the others
CNG trucks are quite common here in Thailand. Gas stations, conversion shops and trucks/cars running CNG, LPG and NGV are everywhere. 
This is pretty common in most big cities here in India. All public transport vehicles like buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws must run on CNG as per government directive. The trend is picking up in private cars also as it is way cheaper than gasolin/petrol. You find a CNG gas station in every corner of a big city. Good to see a Ford heavy duty truck running on CNG.
I doesn't matter. Since everybody cares but we all wait for somebody else to do something. We are like rats on a sinking ship but there's no where to go in middle of an ocean.
In Europe we have been using natural gas on suvs and trucks for years...
in pakistan we have CNG on SUV s and trucks for decades
thats a beauty i wouldnt mind spending my money on that one
Please tell me you have a kit that I can use in my Ford Edge.
And you really dont know how that got there . . ...
that Ford is so cool iwish to cruise it on Ugandan roads
Many people visit Ford HQ...not unusual to find many different vehicles in the parking lot. Even with Lic plates on it. REAL people drive these Donald
Real Ford people? Not no public.
and your a dealer? Oh boy, we are in trouble - the other real people/not Fords. REAL PEOPLE DONT HAVE ACCESS TO MANUFACTURERS PLATES.
You +Ford Motor Company (and +Chevrolet) had a long time to understand that CNG is the way to go, especially for big trucks. You did it finally and now I would definitely consider getting one of those someday. Natural gas is way better than electricity in my point of view, you get great range, it's clean and it's cheap (at least for instance). I know In Europe, most of people buying American big trucks like this professionally install an aftermarket CNG system, it has been going on for years.
Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥άн ???? ♏Ɣ son. Jйʃ† got a nice range rover sport as cheap as 4000dollars. Send request and orders †☺ Its unbelievable . 
It's very big truck and more than 4,000 c.c., I guess.
Love the idea of CNG! We need more vehicles like this built into production. We can use existing infrastructure (gas stations)
with very little mods made to the vehicles.
Im sry just give me a big bone burning truck any day, CNG is ok I guess but I have never seen a CNG filling station and the price of it isn't really worth it. If you think we need to to replace gasoline then look at other options other than the internal combustion motor and electric motors right now aren't the answer ether I am not saying I have the answer but we need to stop dumpin money in to hybrid, CNG and crap like that and find a new motor all together all we are doin now is making cars more expensive then they need to be. 
my dad has a ford truck we hated it so much that we took the engine out and replaced it with a dodge engineworks better than it use to
its a cool ride by the way.......i like it .....
as compare to petrol car i dont think so is better
This car can be used more in iran
Because CNG stations are more than petrol stations
and people use CNG more!  
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