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My understanding is that there have been multiple issues with the SYNC and Touch systems. It was one of the main problems sited for the low Consumer Report ranking. How are these being addressed?
+Kenneth Knox I own a 2012 Focus Titanium with MyFord Touch. I agree the initial system was lacking, but I just received the system upgrade yesterday. So far I have to say I'm very pleased with how much it has been improved.
+Naim Falandino Thank you for the update. Good to hear that issue seems to be resolved. One less thing keeping from a new Ford.
Bummer. Wish you would spend the effort on hydrogen instead.
man those old Vics are sweet. they are like freaking tanks. I am thinking about getting an older P71 Interceptor
yea that's alright but not as much as mine ill' post mine
+Juan Barnett Yes, you are. Look at the history of cars. The best safety/options always start at the premium end. Lat it has now will be on the C class in 5-10 years. That is how it works.
+Juan Barnett I agree with that. But I have the same complaint with power windows. My '05 BMW has one touch up and down for all windows. Yet to this day that is something difficult to find in American vehicles. Why? No clue.
I know this model will be sold out lot because it has got extreme beauti.
I totally love the 2013 Mustang. BUT...!!! Can we get a sneak peak to the 50th Anniversary Mustang??? Please...!?!?!? =)
Make the Mustang with a loud button like on the SVT Raptor!
No i mean like Straight pipes, electronic muffler that only has silent and loud. like on the raptor, its on top gear Usa, tanner foust got kicked out of town for it. oh and put a LS9 with a bigger supercharger on it.
And make it lighter. and a 4 speed Manaul like in the '67 Fast back.
Instead of worrying about what racket it makes maybe give it some real suspension.
oh yeah some Coilovers and shocks from tein racing springs, and put a camber on it.
The LS9 has 638 BHP at the wheels with the proper gearbox, it may be old fashioned but it puts out more than ANY other engine that ford has, and Gets more MPG than the ford GT.
HOT CAR! love mustangs and ford, owned many, never disappointed.
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