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Ford Motor Company hung out.
Ford Motor Company was in a video call
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+Jim Brown The video will be live, but the video participants will be limited. Viewers will be able to ask questions via the comment section here.
So, nothing's started yet, right? I just see a black box where the video should be. Are we supposed to get "invites" to a separate hangout? (Sorry to be clueless. I need another cup of coffee this morning.)
They're staring over...
Jim B
interested in the second year run of the Boss 302
Looks like they had some technical difficulties back at the office. The team is working on re-starting it.
The video will come back up once they are ready.
Jim B
thanks for the info.
+Tom Fir

The Ford guys will start a hangout with a live stream for everyone to see. It will look like a YouTube video...and basically work the same. Just click on it and you see the stream.
Okay, Ford, I'm trying to hang out. So you know, let's hang out!
Hmmm i dont think i can view this video on my iphone :(
+Scott Monty that still looks just like design mode not presentation... I'm imagining the pictures though
holy crap best mustang so far keep it up ford.
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