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Ghetto ass bus of the day! I was behind it today on I-275 in Tampa. Is that a lawn chair in the back??
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That's where the loser teacher sits that was selected as a MOD for the bus ride. Also known as target practice for the kids...
lol's the LOL monster again
Was it one its way to a NASCAR race??
Chair = $5.95 at Wal-Mart. Ghetto ho' charges $1 if you wanna sit in it. Hey, it's money, man.
damn it and it had to be in my town. lol. hell, did i miss your show here? say it ain't so!
fluffy! you are a funny dude! i used to try to cell phone crazy stuff i saw on the road. now they cracked down on use while driving up here.
Not only a lawn chair... but a mexicano sitting in it
Welcome to Tampa. Just be glad u weren't in pinellas park, lol
perty packed when they need lawn chairs ..(oever crowding )lol
Hey i see u next week in SD fluffy!
friicking seat belt is a dog leash and the airbag is a Walmart's bag!
Yo! Stop Profiling!
Psyche!!!!!! ;-)
Indeed it is a lawn chair on that "Ghetto-Ass" bus, but so isn't Florida, full of Ghetto-ness
Dude stfu they are not bashing Florida god damn ur dumb
I was going to say: it looks like two chairs stacked on top of each other, so I'm guessing the adults on board are just toting them to whatever field trip so they can sit... but then I noticed someone is actively sitting in them now. Sigh. >.<
I once saw a girl getting arrested on a school bus like that in Atlanta. 
obviously, "no children on board"
I love Tampa, my aunt lives there! and I love Busch Gardens!
If there was a lawn chair on my bus I would sit in it
In Florida every day is like a day at the beach and that doesn't stop even when going to school, lol Sadly all i can think about is if i was driving that bus, i would probably be a little evil and do a couple of break checks :)
who puts lawn chairs in a bus? crazy dumb people!
and a bbq grill next to it
Seriously, when was the last time there was a fire in a bus
drive and l00k at the street not the school bus !!!
Summer seating
Only on the short bus!!
hay quit making fun of my bus lol jkjk
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