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Just posted a new video on my youtube! :P

If you like it, please share it :)
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I vote that Slap a ho Sunday becomes a new national holiday...
Oh my. You captured AJ residents perfectly.
dude i think you are the funniest comedian out there.
Is it bad that a bar near me used to have a "White Trash Wenesday"
Missed you when you came to Richmond VA. Nonstop work and travel sometimes... When will you be back out this way? I'll be sure to get some tickets.
I live only a few miles from Apache Junction.... ~sigh
never gets old seein your standups on tv. always funny.
I have never seen a poor minute in any of your shows! Long live fluff!!!!
That's the Fluffy we all know and love, thanks for sharing.
Let the redneck jokes commence! I wanted to hear the whole week!
lmao!!!!!!!!! hahaha this is funny hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do people ask him questions and expect a response? it's obviously not Gabriel himself
can you do a tour around englang
great show in El Paso, Thanks Fluffy!!
damm i cant belive im missing todays show in laredo tx :(
gabe is the best fluffy comedian ever thats what im saying baby
Gabriel you are so funny the jokes you tell funny =P
Does Gabriel usually have autograph signing or something similar after or before the show?
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah that's funny I can't stop laughing
What happened to the show , it hasnt been on Comedy Central , it was so funny , it was weird , I watched your rated R version of the show and never saw it again . im still laughing about the guy you had on that told the joke about the anus video camara watchin you while your doing your thing....LOL ,,,your the best...
Yes to let you know there is a white trash wednesday it is on the country station 102.5. it is very comical.
We have monster truck Mondays here Gabriel...
You are funny. Clean humor and when you come to Florida I am taking my wife and a couple of friends to see you
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