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OK you asked for it. Here is an OLD link to my kid days on ALL THAT on Nickelodeon :p ENJOY!!!
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I don't know if it's a good thing, or bad thing that I remember most everything about this show.
How did we miss this. I can't believe I didn't know 'bout this.
Not remembering all that, and that clip was horrible I'm glad you moved on!
Woah, your voice sounds weird!
Man this episode was one of my favorites <3 God I wish this show was still on :D
How the heck did I miss you on this show??
i remember you on the show.. since i hadn't seen it in so long, i almost did forget though, til you mentioned it in your stand up special, I was watching special for first time and was like "he looks familiar" then you mention all that and i was like "OH YEAH!!!" lol.. and i do remember this episode too. use to have a crush on you, josh, and danny.. XD
This is awesome, I don't remember seeing you at all there.
Old school. I haven't seen this show in a very long time. This brings back memories.
somehow I forgot how old this show really is.
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Sam DT
The everything for free store customers remind me of my own. No matter how many times you tell them the special they still ask you about it 50 billion times!
I feel so odd, I was a fan of that show and never realized you appeared on that! OMG now I love it more!
I didn't realize you were on it with Amanda!
so that's wut hapend to those guys
Wow I remember this show from WAY back in the day. It never occurred to me when I started watching your stand-up that you were also on this.
So epic, never realized it was you man!
That is amazing... I had no idea but I remember seeing these episodes. What a blast from the past O___O
Nothing's funnier than fluffy cross-dressing. Lol.
Wow the song at the end man that brings back some awesome memories of the 90's the decade people seem to skip :D but it was the best teen years ever! All that was the high light of my weekend!
lol gabriel so funny
vroom! vroom! "EL DIABLO! EL DIABLO!"... Nickelodeon.
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