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Now I have seen it all. Red neck turtle burgers. (not real turtles) I gotta try one!!!!

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Lucky I read your caption & glad they're not real turtles cos I was gonna say.... Damn rednecks BTW HI from Australia :)
chill toad with sausage in bacon dressing gown :)
Please add us to your circle please :)
That is a heart attack waiting to happen!!
That actually looks pretty good. 
keep continue such kind of thought process i hope u'll create better
Heart Attack...waiting to happen....yikes!!!! But they look so good.... Temptation
If it is hot dogs wrapped in ground beef wrapped in bacon, I think I am in picnic heaven!
Very ingenious. I bet it's delicious
That looks pretty cool.. Awesome idea.
as long as there not real turtles i will eat one.(or two)
Thats...just...DECADENT!!! I shall not die until I have eaten one!
of course, if you want to die night with an infarct...
this looks delicous, except for the resemblance to a cooked tortoise
i try something like that
Sausage Burger (not look like turtle)
in music festival in Thailand last Month :)
Looks good but i know i will be sick all that meat lmao !!!
It really looks good. But having a family full of women; I know they would Freak-out seeing that on the grill.... PLEASE THE RECIPE
If it is wrapped in bacon I would eat almost anything
Better have your cholesterol levels checked afterwards.
LOL !!! I love it .. did they come with a recipe ?
Looks good! How to do?
Se Qa
Awesome yummy :D
Someone had WAY to much time on there hands.
Hahaha what kind of poor hungry person comes up with this stuff!?! lol got to try that!
Looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.
SE Nota, tiene mucho,, demasiado diría yo GRASSSAAAAAAAaaaaaa.............
Hey, how did you make it? did you have them "done" inside? All they were bloody turtles:)
Oh My! I'll skip the taste test on this one! Red Neck Turtle Burgers ... Eck! Heart Attack at first bite! Lol 
you know you're a red neck when your brother's last words are "Hey y'all watch th..."
Love it! Doubt I would eat it but seriously creative!
these things look like they will kill you! but i would take my chances.. man does that look good.
holy crap is that bacon!?!?! I WILL BUY TEN!!
I will eat this even if I do die of a heart attack. All i can say is life well lived.
Ted Mcc
I want to eat one!
First there was turduckhen - now introducing the Galapagos !
Ddang! those are the most delicious freakin snapper soft shell or just turtle what ever you wanna call it, looking things that ive eva eva seen! all they need now is just some bomb ass chopped pepper,cilantro,green onions,cherry tomatoes,fish sauce and a few nice squeezes of some lime babie! Ddamn! druellin druellin....still druellin....
Gena C
stuff it with cheese. lol
I luv turtles but this is odd.
It looks like a HEART ATTACK IN PROGRESS!!!!!
Where's the bread? Looks like there's just meat. :-\ 
would love to try one out here in south africa, whats in it?
wow...I think I just had a heart attack looking at those photos.
+sue pillay to me it looks like a patty with frankfurters/ viennas ( shapes cut in ends) laid across to form head and feet as they stick out and then covered with plaid/ weaved bacon
Man that s looks dam good,,,,,but,,,i no ill drop dead after..
Where youbsee that? Puro gringo country 
No wonder they call you Fluffy...
looks disgusting and life threatening, so much fat is in that
I am hungry when I saw your image
Linh VU
ui that la tan nhan.hi
Nn Mm
Holy Cow or should I say turtles!
V4n Nhj
uhm I want to eat them :))
The punch line is:
You put this dish next to a bowl of turtle meat, and say:
"Turtle meat - meet meat turtle"
kasaw aahe saakshi te
way cool, I gotta try these at my next BBQ
sao ngon thế đang đói có mà ăn thì ngon biết mấy hihi
Now all of you, go to +din turtle and apologize! lol
Those look so good I'm hungry now lol
Fucking awesome....i think it'd be a one and done for me though!
uhhh cool and delicious yet kinda awkward...jk jk i love your little meaty turtles
just seeing it look like a turtle makes me want to hurl
im sorry but my stomach got sick looking at this...
Looks beyond creepy when it's baked....
This will leave some people horrified... I love it!
That looks pretty good. I'm going to have to make these for memorial day weekend.
yum yum gimmie sum NOW!!!
that is wat solves hunger problem!!!
Wow amazing . I wanna try some of those artery clogging delights .
i would fuck that thing like it was my job
Looks disgusting and then some! two thirds of our population are obese this is an example of what is wrong whit our cooking and eating habits!
Wow! how much is that? at least 5 burgers, 20 bacon slices, 5 sausages + a large pop = 5000 Calories lunch !!!
and the rest of the population get called stupid might be due to the spelling mistakes a think you mean with not whit idiot
Tom D
i wanna try it! lol! :))
achche bhale insan ko ulti aa jaye aisa khana dekhkar ye to Bear gill hi kha sakta hai
wow almost fell off my chair. initially looked like real turtles!
No maaaaaa WTF is That???? yummy where? when? how?
wow ! look strange and delicious too ^ ^!
thats a hell of an idea...perfect for dinner over the campfire
that la xinh giong rua nhu that vay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woooo!!!!! really,it's delicious
lol they do look good
I love this! I'll attempt it memorial weekend and surprise my man with my "turtle" grilling skills. 
Look like bacon covered. If true then still animal products anyway...offensive though.
That is really epic. I'm hungry now by looking at it.
Ali D
Lookes good
rednecks with paychecks turtle burgers. gotta love it
Okay Gabriel,i'm making this burger on my day off!!!! Makes me hungry :)
you know they must be pure amazing 'cos the shell is comprised of bacon
looks delicious and i can already feel my arteries clogging up just from the sight of it.
If we eat one we die happy right? lol
DUDE!!!! that awsome lol (can ya tell i'm a redneck lol)
omg turtles!!! made of bacon and stuff!!!
Is it too late to say: I like turtles?
haha sounds good to me, but i also like trutles as well :)
thats a heart attack o well at least u will die happy
very weird but looks mostly good.
Lol Where did you find this?!
cute death. I'm sooo NOT eating that lol
Dear Lord, all I ask is for one turtle burger. I don't expect magic powers, or millions of dollars. I don't need a husband or a fancy house. But I really really want a turtle burger please." amen.
what a relief that they are not real turtles....How will you ever eat through the shell.
For a sec I was desperate to try one. But why not just have the real deal? I love eating turtle
epicmealtime will be pissed they didnt think of that first
i like bacon (but who doesn't) but that is crazy
Now thaaaaaats! what I call a bomb!!!!
One of those and you don't have to eat for three days! (Talking about calories)
thats nasty who do that junk yo.
thats koo
loks awsome i agree wit u daniel garret
that looks oddly appealing
okay that looks weird but i love turtles and bacon so yummy
Looks gross and yummy at the same time.
I would find that disturbing eating that. Just imagine that!?
wow, tell us how it tastes
are you sure that the meat isnt turtle meat? jk looks good though! :)
Looks soooo unhealthy and bad but ohhhhh sooooo gooood! LOL! :-)
eo!!!!!!!!!!!! mua cai nay ve k no~ an vi dep qua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha Le
so delicious!!!!!!!i want to have all of them.
ui troi? nhin ma thay thuong thuong sao i? hix hix.................
nhìn sợ nhưng ăn chắc cũng không tồi
Lan Le
look good, but dont know what is inside it?
út võ
thích quá đi
No lie. That's absolutely adorable~!
phat ho
ti nua thi nham roi hehe
I'm hungry ! gru gruuu gruuu
look delicious because it look like turtle ?
woa............ngon wa............
no good at all dont' know anymore
I think epic meal time did this as well....
EWWWWW! That's just asking for a heart attack!
That is awesome.Weaving bacon and hotdogs to hamburger sounds yummy!
i love turtles and burgers
Please have a goddamn heart attack, you unfunny, fat fucking pig.
Now I was TRYING to give up hot dogs...and I cut WAY back on bacon....well there goes that idea.  I MUST try this at least once!
Ewwww i know right i wouldnt eat that
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