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PetSmart now sells a Marteeen doll. :p

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hahahahahahahahahaha but that was funny right?
That is Hank, not Marteen, quit lying Fluffy!
Hmph...never thought of Marteen as a Slayer fan. 
Dats tight yo 2 Kool 2 b true
my dog would chew that to a million pices without caring who it is but me, thats pretty cool
I swear Martin looks like he should do a bit as a one of those extreme mexicano wrestlers looking all mean in the eyes with a mask on.
are you going to keep doing your show with marteen as the dj
Ha. But it does sorta look like him if you study the doll more lol.
man marteen listens to some good music \m/!
martin moreno listen to slayer? does he hear megadeth and anthrax too?
How dare you say lame this guy is so funny, you are lame for saying he is lame, dame wut the freak with this people now a days comedy is funny unlike you?! :/
its not Lame?! hes wearing a fucking slayer shirt. thats props
welll... srry then i didnt notice
Need to get one! So I can tell my dog to stop chewing on Marteen's face!
When the dog chews on it does it say " Hey fool stop biting my face!"
Hola Fluffy, we saw a Fluffy doll on your show, where can we get one?
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