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"Retro pic of the day" me and my first iPad ;p

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And still more advanced than the 'New iPad' .. See all the buttons!
Dude, that's like my first watch! Same size and everything!
eSTO FUE MI PASION en mis primeros años de adolescencia. Hoy en dia veo esas maquinas y me causan nostalgia; fue una bonita etapa...
I think they're playing Grand Theft Auto XDD
Reminds me of your arcade DDR bit :D
Awesome :) that's Grand Theft Auto!
that's one big ipad...didn't no they made em that big...where'd u get it?
Must be the new iPad. It's a bit thicker but man does it have staying power!
dont tell me thats DANCE DANCE REV. cuz "ben-G" freaked me our bro
so your a fluffy life long member. NICE
i like cheese says the fat kid
Hilarious! Does it over heat like the new one???
Pinche fluffy back in the days u used to cross the border back to mexico to play maquinitas uhh?
gambling is addictive especially at an early age.
Very cute. You have been fluffy all your life. :)
That was the first desk top computer man!
You look like a smaller version of Goldberg in the Mighty Ducks LOL
dude this is somewhere in Mexicali lol
I need to find one of those gta arcade games! 
Jay P
dang is that really you gabriel?
fat dude i know thats not you hehe i love fat
if I spent more time exercising than sitting there playing would not be so fat
is that fluffy as a childe? damn, he's a little damn!
stop with the fucking donuts fluffy you eat not malest
take that back ,sorry,ferwelll,good bye, good evening<3
your name reminds me of a marshmallow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a complement
hahaha c'mmon Gabriel that's not you, I live in Mexico and the advertisement from behind is of Lala shot and that product was released in 2004 :)
do you know him? hes a comedian. really funny
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