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Happy Sunday!!! Enjoy the simple things in life ;)

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The grin on his face is priceless
And to think they don't even get slapped! lol
i try too man, but that picture is funny as shit...
the best way a man must live through the day.
Sounds like a good day to me, but what will tomorrow bring? Oh that's right, more of the same. :-P
And that goes on for a while until he's already old enough to crap in the toilet and stop suckin' titties. But when he's 18 suckin' titties is back on his list, if ya know what I mean xD
I know what you mean, I have a little one right in front of me
Hey that's what I do on a daily basis.
i wish i could do the last one
Sounds like a normal Friday night to me.
LOL thats what babies do!!!! :) hahaha
Sad to say after 28 years of being in this world that is my to do list 24/7
Hey, where can i get one of those unchecked of course!
H-m-m-m-m. Sounds like a 70 year old.
to get more people (women) on board with this, 1) poop in pants 2) take nap 3) see mommy for milk
@Will San you have no sense of humor.
My nurse wife says this is in the wrong order....
Hilarious & Straight to the point... Very cute...
Hahaha. Funny and true!
take another nap. oh wait. not enough room to write that ... wah!!!!
Thats cute i want it for my cousin
Min Wu
infant memo,cool
Sounds like a plan, doesn't worry about tomorrow.
hey u were on epicmealtime :) r u goin to do any more normal specials on comedy central or just stand up revolution?
gotta get one for my nephew! hahaha! the lil sleepy tittie suckin' crapper!
Oscar G
hey I have that shirt
hahaha i like that shirt
crying with consistency in 4 hours interval 24/7 is no small achievement.
You should be ashamed of yourself... but I know that you ain't!!!
it's funny because babies and men do all those things
haha cute baby man, i wonder if he'll be just as funny?
Lmao ! I remember those days ! Lol....NOT :)
haha funny and i love your shows gabriel your the most hilarious guy ive known!!!!
sooooooooooooo funny! hahahahahahahaha!!!!
this is is too awesome, wish i'da seen it earlier
Hey! Is that you when you was a kid man? I did two outta three today! It was a mess and I was tired.
awwwwwwwwe a baby that gets its stuff done. so cute.
Tension free life .............................. live ur moments dear ............
Golden days of life
imma put dat on my to do list.
yes it should be a mandatory male bucket list
LOL, truer words never written:)
LMAO i want to be a baby again now !!!!!
eeewww............. that's ur mom's titties bro! lol
Facts of baby life.... Gud Pic dude !!!
Lol yup I did good (that's why he's smiling)
Nalla J
We all have our priorities...
And that's the both parents' list. The baby has no "to do list".
Hes very Stoked for his To do List too :)
The last one's should top the list :)
just as words are put on women's back end these word are meant to catch your eye not the wearers, thanks for the good laugh
ha ha ha u know we all were like that .

crap pants ,we still do it

but with "THE HOLE" ....
smile ever like tis n cheer us dear......
Thy Le
so good. This way to call parental to order.
Davids mom made that last comment. It wont be long time they will grow and you think what happen to that sweet inocennt baby. It's all worth it. If u and the wife ever need help dont hesitate even its 2 am. Get enough sleep. Oh, I.m sure you will be great parents. 1st I saw you show your child to the world. Then the look of happiness on your face. Thats a parent who cares.
Best onesie ever. If they only made one n my size
This is the same list as a senile old person...
but it's much cuter and tolerant with a baby
where the hell did you get that sure dad wrote that....
so cute ^-0 he is gonna have a happy life ^_&
Very good Gabriel. It would be scary being a woman. This kid's got teeth :)
That's the life. Some still do this in their adult years though!
Ace E
Suck some titties LOL
Now that right there, THAT WAS FUNN&Y and made my day!!!!!!!!!
Lol, he is buzy indeed, shame, unlike us sleepin the whole day
ha ha ha. Ahhhh the good old days.... stay young little guy for as long as you can! 
hilarious when are you getting your own show?
lol. love the picture and the annoying advert comments. 0_o
I like that suck some titties part

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My 8 month old son...all day every day!
HAHAHAHA! Ah I wish my life was like this!
they should had a little bit of milk on the baby lips. haha
Sounds like a great day... Jealous ha ha
Lol a man's to do list bang ol lady drink a cold cold beer and repeat as many times as u want 
Ahhh I wish that was my to do list!!!
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