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15 years ago TODAY when I first started comedy...

- this was my first color head shot.

- I was living with my friend Albert who pushed me up onstage that night and I haven't looked back.

- I was working for LA Cellular ( AT&T ) in Anaheim Ca. selling Motorola brick phones ( PC 550 ) inside of a Walmart.

- I was driving a blue Oldsmobile Delta 88 ( gangsta )

- I was still a virgin ( don't judge )

- I had a Sony Walkman with MEGA BASS and a 2 LIVE CREW tape. ( me so horny )

- I had braces and acne ( Garbage Pail Kids style )

Just wanted to share with you guys. Thanks again for all the love :)

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you look very funny, so you will work well in comedy
Roling! Look Foward And Do A Volkin Eye Brow Lift!! .. He He
Love the! A few months back, enjoyed your show in Phoenix!
What? Seriously? How did you NOT get chicks driving an Olds Delta 88? Oh wait, they saw you were working in a bad...
wow, you look WAY older now.... :o)
tell us a little about how much your life has changed in these last fifteen years... :)
... would never judge you for being a virgin.... but a olds delta 88....
Ahhhhhhh, the brick phones. You take me back, Gabriel! Hugs to you, buddy.
I love you Gabriel!. me n my friends we always quote you !. my cousin was talking to my dad and my dad was very angry well my cousin was baking cookies and my dad was like do u know why im yelling at you and well my cousin was like uhm.. you can smell them! .. lol =]
My friend showed my the fluffy stand up a few months back and i been a fan since< you da man homie.
That's a very womanly hand you have there.
Now you guys need to find your way to Nebraska, so I can see your act in person. It's hard to find money to come see you. To choose between food or trip. What do you think is going to win. ;-)
You look so young!! LOL and thinner?? Thanks for all the laughs, but I'm sending you my laundry bill because I peed my pants from laughing at your jokes...heads up.
This is very inspiartional. Im glad you came so far and do what you do.
Don't knock 2 LIVE CREW!!!!! Keep on making me laugh!!!!!Thanks!!!
Well, all i can say then is on congrats on your 15 years off amazing comedy, keep it coming!
You have been and always will be amazing. Thanks for making us laugh. :)
Congrats on 15 years. You should treat yourself to a chocolate cake. :)
Keep going my fluffy brother, the best is still ahead! P.s. thank Albert from the rest of us.
Congrats fluffy! you are hella funny and make my husband and I laugh! thank you
Fluffy!! Huge fan f u al d way frm India checked out al ur shows n youtube nd lukin 2 purchase ur DVD!! +Gabriel Iglesias Ur awesome :D
+Shyam Menon i have seen multiple people from India write something online and you all seem to be making A LOT of typos and mistakes, is that how they teach english in schools there? I don't get it.
Hi Gabriel: I think it is always good to remember your start and to thank the entities that helped to get us down the road to success! I hope that I actually get to physically see you in action, I love your comedy, and I do believe that humor is a much needed medicine in this world!
I am a writer (cool huh, when you actually see your name in lights), so I am all about the emotions and setting the scenes..Thank's for the laughter!

Linda Cloud
Author of : Clouds Collections Volume II and The Man The Idol The Hero: The Parents
love your material! could you meet up with jeff dunham and do a show together?
I am copying and pasting this confab cause I think it's rather hilarious!

Linda Cloud2:43 PMEdit
and I suppose you think UR??? RE: Fluffy comment...

Ziyavuddin Pahriddinov2:46 PM

no.. i didnt say that.. i just said he is not funny... he is fat tho...

Linda Cloud2:49 PMEdit
so, are you afraid of humor and large people...or do you just envy his success? What's your vendetta? Looks like from the cover at top,,,you might wanna think before speaking! OH that you in the front of the two (I think they are) skinny dudes? lol
Sorry Gabriel, I have nothing but pure contempt for those who think they are so perfect that they can sit and judge, when they do nothing!!!
Hats off to you for your success...
this is the response I just received from zi:
lady.. go find a boyfriend or buy some vibrator... why th fuck u care what i think about him? only cuz u like him everybody have to like him too?? lady U R STUPID!!!!
See what I mean...dude you have no sense of humor, why don't you find some!
I am sitting here laughing my ass that's some funny shit!! How does he know I don't have a vibrator?
must have a spy cam somewhere linda>.>.. XD. Love ya gab.. everytime i feel down i pop in oneof your dvds i have and it cracks me up everytime. Doesn't matter how often i heard it alraedy. still makes me laugh. LOL
lol all fairness I started the verbal war, not bc he doesn't care for Gabe's humor, but bc he was so insulting...I have a big mouth when it comes to things like that!
i know. but i figured i add to the humor when you said "how does he know I don't have a vibrator?".. LOL figured i be like "he spying on you" XD LOL.. it can be hilarious sometimes though to see the idiots argue though.. apparently he was typing on his phone too since he's using text shorthand. lol
Hey Tiffany: Thank you for the humor, and join in anytime, I need all the help I can get, I agree with you, I am a writer so am always looking for characters, and I do believe he is one....Told my friends, who love Gabe, was cheering me on!! I just thought he was a little rude and like I said I have a big mouth when it comes to stuff like that!
you know he just jealous cause gabes got it going on for him and he doesn't. XD a grandmother of a grandchild who struggles everyday with our so called society of the looker, it litterally pisses me off to hear someone be assinine as this Zi person was, we all have flaws! However, what some consider flaws, I consider beautiful!
Hey Fluffy, thanks for keeping it REAL! Your gift to the world is what we need every single day, and that's LAUGHTER!!! Thanks for being YOU!
u r the funniest guy ever ..................Pikachu........................
Wow, nice conversations on here
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