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Just did a show at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. Congrats to the class of 2012. :)

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It's the trim on the concrete at the base of those stools.

Dude, sick, I love your show. Also...CHOCOLATE CAKE! Come do our school, South El Monte High School!!!
You should come to Wabash Middle School or High School in Indiana, we all love you here!
all r the future flowers for nation
OMG YOU HOLDING A MINION.. I LOVE THOSE LITTLE GUYS. AWWWW.. busch gardens is awesome too.. lucky...
hola jovenes de hoy disfruten a vida que ella es efimera y dura lo que dura ,pero en ese transcurso traten de sembrar la semilla de la amidtad leal y la no agresion tanto fisica como psicologica
You Are The Man!!!!!!
I'm class of 2012 too....wish you would come by:(
Fluffy I can't wait for you to come back to Florida... I'll b the first in line :-)
you congrats my other class mates of 2012 good luck busch gardens hay Gabriel when r u going to new jersry?
please come back to florida you are AMAZING
its so fluffyget in dicpicable me it says that and he is fluffy
g to places that kids could go to c ur show in denver
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