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Standup Revolution The Tour continues. Just added dates, check to see if I'm coming to ur city! use presale code: CAKE
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Keep it fluffy! Send that Revolution out to Qatar to the military bases!
Aw, dangit! I gotta be out of state on the 13th when you're in ABQ. :-( One of these days, I'll get to bake you a cake!
nothing in the south either! Can't you come to North Carolina?
Hells yeah got tix for Thunder Valley show
when r u coming to Sacramento Califa
Not Sacramento but june 30th at thunder valley casino in lincoln.
the presale code should have been: chooooocoooolaaaaateeee caaaaaaaakkkkeeeeee.
not my city, but close by, about an hour in Toronto. but horrible timing for it for me. The day before UFC 152. and it'll be about 3am before I get home after UFC, and being up that late need a good night sleep, and going to bed early at like 10. Always next time fluffy. unless you had a show closer to me like Hamilton for example which is only 25 minutes away. Though even better would be coming here to Brantford to the Sanderson Centre, which takes just 10 minutes to walk to.
you really need to come to Salt lake city so i can see you!!!!!!!!
We still miss you in Europe, you gotta get back here soon! Norway to more excact..
Just got my tickets for D.C. My wife and I are huge fans. So excited.
i wish i could get tickets but i cant its to bad i am a big fan but stay cool gabriel
HEY GABE,,,ARE U REL8TED TO Enrique Iglesias???
you should come to rapid city south dakota
COME TO MARYLAND! I would love to see you here, we dont get much action in this state xD especially not Hagerstown, if you were to come i would be there for sure!!!
you need to head back to las vegas, thats funny yo!
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