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Artwork of the day. Looks too real! Hope everyone has a nice Monday.

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Im watchin lord of the rings and that made it so much creepier
Gears of War promo Art
holy FUCK... thats looks REALLY REAL...
It looks like the pits of hell! Great talent, warped mind. Too creepy for me.
they're after the chocolate cake!
I shall always be jealous of artists that can do stuff like this!..
I love to see stuff like this. It's truly amazing!
like the real thing, in fact it is painting or how ya. Just like in that movie. hehehehehehe if I was there, definitely cool. qiqiqiqiqiqi
be careful, keep the case alive and if it could pounce on people around him. hihihii monster sighted.
Kassy G
that is AWESOME!!
thats hella realistic and scary but awesome.
oh wow never noticed it was fake until read the caption
Looks real is fake I wish I had floor like that :( I'm jealous!
i just can't imagine someone standing in the middle of that painting!
Hell Done Broke Loose! hahaha!
thats awsome just a work of art awsome blowsome so creative!!
Meg O
what the heck
thats cool. I like that its creative seems so real! :D
Utoh, the zombies are back. Grrr
O_O screams ahh that freaky monster thingy's gonna eat me!!! ... wait, it's just the floor. wierd...
omg cool & freeky at da same time
Dude, can my floors look like that?!?!?
wow that really looks real, i wish i could draw like that
wait... that doesn't' actually cave in!?!?!?!!?!
Is that Chalk Man? Did he do that? I love Chalk Man!!!! :)
wow! far too realistic looking! artworks awesome!
It's awesome it's like if u r going 2 fall in with monsters
Nice i would love to see that up close
oh,i got an e-mail from this dude
omg i love art like that its so interesting it makes u ask questions though like HOW DO U DO THAT!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh it does look so real!
omg!! I told all of my friends, were all going to die by art works!!
yo that is sick i like that how did they do it its amazing
that is kinda freaky and disturbing at the same time! :D
I was just in SAN Antonio TX! Viva La Fiesta fun in the sun.
Am I the only person who is reminded of Gears of War?
OMG.....ia that real............It's so cool.....
oh my god thats looks so flippin real
it look real like if i step on i will fall in that hole
its amazing how people can do that.
seriously, this is definitely art worth sharing....very cool!
Parah B
Sj D
thats awesome!!!!
there is no such thing as 'nice Monday'
i love this kind of art work
Crazy, I saw this in person years ago at e3, it was a promotion for gears of war, a year before gears of war was released
awesoome its soooooooo Awesome!
Wicked Awesome!!!!!!!!
WOW when was that made weird and what is that whacko creature
what is that supposed to be?
It look real... the creature in the book of "The last Olympian" look like this I think...
I saw stairs like that on a wall, really good, that stair pic and this one. No clue how people do it.
watch out that looks like a wretch from gears of war
is this the way how how the world going to be the next few years
Yoli N.
Wow, that's kinda awesome... even though I think it's going to give me nightmares... lol
those guys aren't fluffy!
dang nice pic but creepy kinda reminds me of hell AHHHHHHH! my mom said its eary and scary.
tht scared me when i saw it.....i thought it was real......then in read it
That look's awesome...... It is so freaky !!!! I think I am going to have nightmares all week!!!! Lol!!!
holy shit sorry for my language but that is one damn thing!
If I was there Id be like OMG DONT FALL IN!! When its not possible XD
Super !!! Naglaeng ti pagka-aramid yu daytoy nga masterpiece.. Mabalin nga idisplay dyay art museum!!! 101% Grabe!!!..
ive cl
thats looks so scary
lol i'd be scared and running if see this
is that a painting or is there really a big hole in the ground?
I would hope it isn't real! You have a good Monday to Gabriel and thanks for sharing this.
Lisa S
that is wicked.
what is that?lol it is so cool!!!!!!!
Santa Barbara has an artist fair and i seen on display from start to end....AMAZING
Wow! Visually challenged. This fake drawing is so real.
Me: Mom! Hell broke loose again!
Mom: AGAIN?!?!?! Mia! Grab the broom!
thats cool!!
dude thats fricken awsome! paint or chalk?
I have seen this before! Great work of art.Pretty creepy, eh?
haha i would never be able to walk across that.... i'd avoid it at all costs!!
Understanding perspective drawing for the win. Big time.
where is it?pls tell me. i want 2 go.
ohhh my. thats so kick butt.(: i seen one with super heros from somewhere, and it looked like a guy was about to jump off the edge of a building. hard to explain, but i was pretty kick butt.(:
TOTALY COOL wish I had that done as a wall mural
That's the highway to hell😊😊😊😊😊😃😃😃😃😄😄😄 lol
that is way to scary yup i sure would not go see that dude you got balls
that is indeed some nice s@$# art...
Wow! What place is that? I wanna go there! :D

Attention all K-Mart shoppers....We have a Blue Light special near our Lay-Away Department.... Alien Invasioin!
Visually captivating...:)
One way trip to the Underworld
omfg.. that is so freaking talented dude.. i'm gonna steal it and share it on fb.. teehee!
HOW the Hell is that done?????????????????????
thats tight
Peter T
Man,that guys got talent.
my mom could draw that but it would take a lil bit of time and i say that because she is a very gd artist
the bible speaks about horrible dark angels that are waiting to come out on the day of judment to persecute and kill man kind for their iniquity. they really look ugly and definitly evil, God have mercy on us.
that is totally fucking awesome
good workand keep it up
Liam JT
Freaking awesome :-) 
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