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Having breakfast in San Antonio Tx. Tex Mex food is my favorite!!! Getting ready for my show tonight at the Alamodome. :) All ages welcome with parent. Show is rated R.
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omg! i wish i was soo hungry!
oh my heck! YUM! Follow that up with some cake and then you're talking!
Ummmm...holy crap that's gorgeous...
YUM! I LOVE BEAN AND CHEESE TACOS! wait... did you say you're in san antonio?
yells with loud excitement
sir sharing is caring.... share with me now.....
Come on, an R rating these days is like a G rating when we were kids Gabriel....
Must be the key ingredients for Fluffydome..
try thos big cinnamon rolls and the huge pizza!:D
R Ruano
mochate con un taco Fluffy!
Holy Moley....H*E*A*V*E*N
Gotta go to Gilbert's over by Military. Best Tacos in town.
Shay _
looks good
i live close to san antonio! but wait, im under 18, and i cant drive, and its a 3 day drive, and worst of all tex mex is terable! but sereosly hes a mexican eating tex mex. tratarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn! You're making crave my Tia's tacos! Where's this at?
Make sure you leave the stadium in tact for the fight tomorrow night! :)
Welcome to San Anto Fluffy!!!!
Took my whole family to your show at the Gibson - we laughed our chimichangas off! Your show is Fluffy Friendly for the Family; made all my kids laugh so hard they cried. Rock on Gabriel!
Give it up for us Texans, Yeehaw!
damn fluffy, that looks good. I need to roll with you for all the tasty eats!
Like it! Some call it like 'pankakez', we do it eating with jam and cream:-)
you know what's fine about the internet? What you eat for breakfast will be my lunch ^^

different timezones are awesome ^^
Gawd, that look delicious!
Dear Mr. Inglesias, Sadly, my fondest memories of San Antonio were when I was leaving after basic training at Lackland AFB. Never did get to go on the "river walk", see the Alamo, or date a hot Mexican chick! I can't wait to fly down and visit. Mike :-) (age, 51 Feb 10th)
You're here and I can't go to your show. I am sad. =( But welcome to San Antonio, Fluffy!!! XD
I Live in San Antonio. Where did you get your tacos from?
that is so nice i could eat a horse right now.
Wow is that a chico's taco?
Better hope you dont be having gas on stage after eating that! lol
I LOVE YOU FLUFFY!! :) #youaregeorgous! lol
does that breakfast of champions come with 3ply tp cause it looks like it should
Hot and Fluffy was, EPIC! sequel?
Conyo Nene, that ain't breakfast, that's dinner fro three... :~) Enjoy.
Whats the point of living is u cant have as many tacos as u want? ;D
God that makes me want Mexican food, my dad hates so I haven't been in years and I hate going alone.
Wish I could be there tonight! I really wanted to see your show!
it looks good.. im in the mood for a hugeeee taco
Damn I think it looks delish ! What's the flavors?
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggggooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd
breakfast? that's breakfast, lunch and dinner on a plate
Eat a taco 4 meeeee!!!! ( real Texas food doesn't exist in ontario... canada!!!!)
im jealous i would eat all of tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 days until I see you live!
i feel like that dog on the other post and WANNA LICK THE SCREEN.
my son abso loves you! sry we will miss your show but thanks for representing SATX!!!!
does it come with a chaser of Tums..?
wow that looks extremely delicious lol ;)
now i'm hungry, i want some burritos
Ohhhh yaaaa home made tortilla!! Yum!
That cannot possibly be good for your bowels. But, who am I to judge when I black beans and rice all the time.
It is like he got a gift from god
Just made some this morning...they were yummy!!
I have to say, that looks very satisfying! Good luck with tonight's show...I'm sure you'll knock'em dead Dude.
That does look delicious!!!!
prob ur favorite rite???? lololololololol
If the same gas that comes from killing tacos is used to fuel the car then Gabriel just created a perpetum mobile
That PLATE is rated R, dude!! Yay FOOD PORN!!!
Diablo fluffy esa baina se ve ma buena lol
That looks so good I live in Memphis and it is so hard to get good home made Mexican food .I do not cook .So I am out of luck!
Next time you're in San Anto', you need to go to Eddie's Taco Hut.
Dang man now that's what i call FOOD lets all go out and get some more
your going to seriously run to the restroom during the show lol
G. Mack
call me crazy,ive never had a taco.tearsD;
Man I normally don't comment, but that looks friggen amazing!!
Tony Ch
holy cow those are some mean tacossssssssssssssssss
oh man!!! I wanna eat there!!!
if this is your breakfast i dont wanna see your lunch lol look good thought
aiii no se de que son pero como se me antojaron :P.....
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