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This made me laugh. If u have a funny pic & want me 2 post it send it to @fluffyguy<--
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In space, it's pretty much like that.  There's a camera under you and a screen in front of you that helps you... aim.  
Hahahahaha that's a good one, def something for a party or group gathering.
Don't try with loose motions.....
Ugh, I would do this at a party, but there's always someone who gets sick...
morgs p
what if you watch my youtube channel and blink constantly it will be like looking at hundreds of pictures
yo fluffy hey ur so awsome im not fat im fluffy lol ur sooo funny man
hhhhmmmmmm xpert mode i c i better get the funnel
my mom posted that on facebook today! LOL!
Imagine If u missed...
Jajajajajaja it's a great idea man...
Substitute for iPhone games,....
Is this for number 1's or number 2's? Number 2's from a height would earn top points!
Damn right it is expert mode. Lol thanks Fluffy
OMG!!!!! I cant breathe thats the funniest thing Ive ever seen and expert mode comode
Can you imagine after a night of drinking?
Standing, sitting, kneeling. It ain't going in.
coimo estas chico always smiling. lol
Man, what if it is liquidy ? Its gonna be all over the place. Expert or not, it is a messy one.
I have one problem with this. I wouldn't try it sober but would think it's a great idea while I'm drinking.
B.A. you do realize it means expert at taking a piss right? so i would hope it is liquid or there seems to be an issue
Shit thats veteren mode
Lmao not as funny as your all that days on snick but funny none the less. Go expert or go home noobs
Expert Mode huh.? i could ace that even if i was taking a duece. ;) 
o noooooo i missed the funnel broke lol gabe how do u crack me up bro ur awsome
well u look at that 89 comments already wow u r famous
next time its a stainless steel funnel
Haha I did the clingwrap trick and it worked a treat ;)
Hey fluffy! Next time u take a pic of my throne and post it .......ill charge you usage by the pound!!!!
I hate to see what it takes to make it thru the boss level.
I am positive I could hit it and maintain a straight stream. Not sure about the dribbles when I lose pressure or the shake.
That's definitely taking it to the next level 
no expert mode would be pissin thru a cheerio at ten paces
At least there would be no back splash!
expert laid too...look how clean the edge is...
I am not sure I am that good yet, but can write both your name and mine in the snow. Whoop whoop!
I'm sure I could get some of it through the hole.
So Hasbro found a new "fun" way to potty train kids.
Bad design.  The expert mode should go between the seat and the lid.

/me runs off to file patent.
Next level... Cheerios
Denys S
nightmare mode - no hole at all :)
What if your short (−_−;)
That toilet appears to still have its hymen intact. 
Lmfao! Now we have to aim?? Bullseye!
I sooo would have died on this level. Even more so after a few beers. 
thats not expert mode, thats impossible mode
Talk about getting your under carriage and mudflaps dirty! LOL. Mierda!
Hi: One has to be an experienced shooter to hit the target!
I want to see the next level of difficulty :)
Hey Gabriel. Why do you wear Hawaiian shirts, are you Hawaiian? "Nah, cuz they fit." lmao!!
hahahahahahahahahahaha! :'D (<- that is laughing so hard that i cry).
oh, and Fluffy.... YOU....ARE......HILARIOUS! 
I believe it's obvious that I made that!!! Jk my iPhone lied for me if you get the reference
Dude, my kid named the cat Fluffy.  His name was Draco when I picked him up from the shelter.  Oh well.  Keep up the good work bro.
Ha ha ha, have you created this expert mode?
Funny.  How do the women like it?
Carl O
activate cheat code: sit down
I would not wanna clean that bathroom after a party.
Oh Gabriel what would we do without you
This is a funny toilet .
... i wonder whats extreme mode...
Of course most women believe the "average male" circle lies well outside the seat rim.
This is the first thing on G+ to actually make me laugh out loud! :)
The hurry hungers. One nore two s scream ers hahah .?
tell me how to send  pics there to you  coz i have soooo many funny pics and i want u to post
But men always seems to manage to get it outside the hole smh
They need more holes that say 50,100,jackpot
Where can i get one for my boyfriend!
Gabriel coming to do a show in My city of Bethlehem pa. l''ll be there!!
My hemmoroids would get stuck in hole.ouch!
not good if you have diarrhea
lol u made me laugh for about 15 min 
+Gabriel Iglesias ~ This is for your "buddy" RayWJ so he sit facing the wall and read Maxim mags & wish he never started with the Gay Shit...
If it really was expert mode they would have a pedestal on each side of toilet to stand on...bombs away!!!
One messy party game!!!
I have enough cardboad laying around since I just moved. I will go around the bars and tape these to the toilettes :D
Reminds me of when I was an astronaut.. all it needs is the straps to hold you down ..
Suranwrap would have been way better with the tag line "Find The Hole"

Imagine trying to do that at 2am.
It's not impossible, I used a bull's-eye wamprats with my B15 back home, they're not much bigger than 2 meters.
i imagin what it will at a harder level
wow who the hell made that you never no what goes on down there in the hole (tiny midget people)
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