This is so much fun! Floorplanner ( is a free web-based home design application. I'm obsessively remodeling my house in virtual space.

As I consider retirement, I'm trying to figure out whether it makes more sense (financially and in other ways) to stay in my house or move to a condo. I can't actually downsize--that is, I already live in what amounts to a one-bedroom apartment with a yard--but I wouldn't mind getting rid of the gardening trouble and expense.

On the other hand, I can't beat my central location, and there's the whole conundrum of having to fix the place up for sale, so why not fix it up for myself?

This drawing, therefore, represents some fixing-up-to-stay ideas. And about twenty hours of crazed over-focus on my laptop screen.

Floorplanner includes in its grab-bag of pre-built assets a Dutch bike (!), a clothesline, a cat, some spiffy rugs, and reasonable facsimiles of most of Ikea's kitchen cabinet line. (It could not accommodate my brilliant plan to create a guest "room" by hiding a twin Murphy bed horizontally inside the breakfast bar, so I faked that.)
PS What is the Google+ philosophy behind not being able to add both an image and a link? Seems like a pointless limitation.
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