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The news you've been waiting for... the #MotoX will start at Rs. 23999 and is releasing tomorrow! 10 lucky winners will get their #MotoX for free on Launch Day! Details here: #MotoOnFlipkart
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Awesome price! I already have a nexus 4 but at this rate ill be buying the successor of the moto x when it comes to fk.
Great going Flipkart! You make the best international products at the best prices available to the people of India! Keep up the awesomeness! 
Oh, So excited, whoever is going to buy be ready at 12:00 midnight to put in an order. Flipkart is like that. +Flipkart 
This price is bloody exciting! You're making the right moves, Flipkart! All hail Motorola! 
really awesome i was wait since 1 month for the mobile to launch in india.
Love it #MotoX all can do & say everything, but can't ignore it...+Motorola mobility 
+Gaurav Patel OK, Launch will be day time, but the shopping availability most likely will be midnight after the launch date in announced at launch. Same thing happened with Moto G. Just be careful :D
Why no 32gb??
Such a great phone but only 13gb available space on the 16gb variant.
32gb at 26-27k would have been awesome.. 
do people really get free mobiles ...i don't believe that...can anybody confirm this fact?
Please tell when and where the contest is going to held?
Just buy a moto x...and after that they will randomly pick 10 people and refund their money... thats how it went with moto g...they will email a list to every one who bought on launch day
+Sanjeev Venkatesh Thats The Biggest Selling Point Of It Not The Touchless Control And All You Can Get That In ALmost Any Phone,Question Is ..Does It Have Motomaker ?
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what will be the price for the woven black version?
No need to wait for at midnite... Dey r gona keep it during the day... Not like in case of moto g
I'm sure its going to break records 
Htc one max dual sim available in chaina.
Why not available in india??????
Man Motorola are really pricing their devices aggressively... Like it... Finally a company that is international and not tearing us apart for extra profits... :-) 
Price slasher to all other brands.... Lets c what happens to others... Dhirubhai Ambani offer... :)

I'm a daily customer of flipkart , I should be one of the 10 lucky winners. 
if u visit on this site, there is a chance to
be a lucky winner.
for registration visits
I got it today and its awesome.
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