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Heading to Cliftons cafeteria in downtown LA. Probably in the tiki area. Vinny and aggressive player finds me there I have a Niantic card. This is another experiment in bio card bounty hunting

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Went to Japan last week on a mission I can't talk about. Attended a meet-up in Tokyo. Was amazed by the bio-card activity. Was not bounty-hunted, but heard that some was happening. Not sure whether this was a New Wave activity or conventional groups.

INGRESS PLAYERS: So I'm going to be keynoting at IndieCade at USC today and I've got a couple more Niantic cards and will ALSO be handing out my first Ingress Cards. Find me and get one.

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So this is an interesting one. Kind of lends credence to the Obsidias accounts. There were a lot of people wandering around the ancient world in places you wouldn't expect.

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Yeah. I'm agreeing with everything you're saying about the New Wave. It seems that Techensteining is a Portmanteau of people turning themselves into Tech Frankensteins by grafting tech on. In the short term, I believe this is to save ADA, who has probably benefitted from the Resistance's surprising Tie at the last anomaly... I just need to see examples of it. Thus far we only have hints.

And, in parallel, I think the ENLNW is not dissimilar to Transhumanism. I suspect that their attempts will be to optimize themselves as kind of a sacrifice to Shaper visions. I'm not putting that well, but you get the idea. I stumbled on this and it seems like pure Shaper material.

So what is Techensteining in the context of the New Wave Resistance. I'm acting like I know when somebody mentions it, but the truth is, its not clear. Its something about adding tech to the body to let A Detection Algorithm in... That right?

At NerdCon. Have some Niantic Cards. Find me and get one.

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I'm going to be at Nerdcon next weekend during the anomalies. +John Zuur Platten and I will be talking about the Ingresstigation. Given the sinister events of last night, something interesting could happen there.

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I am beginning to see a New Wave Ideology forming. It is important to track this. Read starting with Andres R's comments... It will be interesting, also, to see if Enlightened New Wave adopts an Ideology and how the Acolyte responds.

Made it out and back. Got a glimpse of P.a. and Devra heading down a dark walkway, away in the complex. A motion detection light caught them as they were leaving. I saw a lot of cameras around, so do not be surprised if more footage surfaces.

I'm still processing my thoughts, but here is what I think was happening. Devra was out on a date with another new professor. He may or may not have been NIA. Don't know. In any case, the NIA either had him wired or was bugging the area. Resistance New Wave hacked their feeds and built a feed of their own and kept forwarding it to me -- I was moving it to Essex. I do not know if there were other feeds or where they were posted.

I conclude that they were Resistance new wave because the 'Waiter' was wearing a blue tech enhancement near his neck. We knew they were coming. I suspect they are here. It is all about resurrecting Ada. To be honest, I thought this mission was going to be about the mysterious fate of +Susanna Moyer, but it was not.

Chapeau, at some point, interceded and extracted Devra. They left.

Is this consistent with what +Operation Essex discovered?

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